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2014 Blues from Walter Trout – The Blues Came Callin’ – with Ex-Boss John Mayall!!

The Blues Came  Callin'On Tuesday of this week the new album, The Blues Came Callin’ from Walter Trout was released, and it has been in my rotation since then, like all of Walter’s work it is amazing! The most amazing thing is that he recorded the album, while he was waiting for a liver transplant! He was doing exactly what the opening track of the album says he was “Wasting Away”, during the later part of his illness, Walter lost over 100 pounds! When I  went  to his website, and looked at his picture, my first response was that is not Walter!! But it obviously was! He received his new liver a week or so ago and according to updates there have been some very rough post-operative complications, that Walter seems to be riding out. I have not checked back today, I will tomorrow and write more about his condition tomorrow!

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Blues – Running and Falling with Walter Trout – Blues for the Modern Daze

So yesterday afternoon we had a thundershower, but by the time I wanted to run the sun was out and the temperature had dropped appreciably. Oh, I should preface this by saying that the morning starting with my wife telling me that son two, Andrew was at Underwood Hospital in terrible pain! By mid-morining we knew that he was ok. It was a gallbladder attack and will require a one day surgery, but at this point the date is unknown! Anyway by 5:15 or so everything was calm so I went for a run, and everything was fine during the first 2.6 miles of the run. It was hot in the sun and cool in the shade and thankfully the toughest part of the run up Pancoat is in the shade. So I made it up Pacoast and down, up and down Harper and Cranberry and was approaching Bridgeboro road running on the sidewalk, when my right leg buckled slightly as it sometimes does causing me momentarily lose my balance. Only this time it was slightly more than momentarily and I knew I was going fall and sure enough my left hand and shoulder hit first and that sent my phone and iPod flying. Upon standing I looked around, no uneven sidewalk to blame for the fall. I brushed my self off’ looked at my slightly scraped and bloody, felt my already sore shoulder and took back off running all be it, somewhat slower. Prior to the fall I was slightly under 10 minute mile pace and at the 3 mile mark I was at 30:04 and the four at 40:17, so that I finished with a 10:0 pace and no major soreness. My knee hurt going up to take a shower but has been ok since and my shoulder is slightly more sore than normal, so all and all it could have been worse! But as I always say at least the music was good!!

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Walter Trout – Common Ground (Do we share a Common Ancestor??)

Common Ground 2If there’s a place where the truth can still be found, Lord, lead us to the common ground.” so sings one of my favorite blues artist Walter Trout on the title track of his new album Common Ground. Common Ground is Trout’s 20th album and only a few are in my collection, but those that are get listened to a lot! From his website Trout says this about the song

“I am blown away by the polarization and cruelty in the world today,” Trout explains. “It goes beyond my understanding. I wrote the lyrics to that song as an attempt to come to terms with that, and as a wish that somehow — regardless of our faiths and nationalities and politics — we can find a place where truth and compassion can take us beyond our differences.”

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A Night of Blues leads to a baker’s dozen playlist with Marc Benno, Sonny Terry and Walter Trout

crawlin2So last night I was browsing through a list of new folk releases on Dirty Linen Magazine and one title jumped out  Crawlin’ – by Marc Benno and the Nightcrawlers featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan. Well, some of you oldsters may remember a duo called Asylum Choir, who put out a couple of albums in the 70’s. The duo was Marc Benno and Leon Russell. I haven’t listened to that album in forever, but will listen tonight  and report back. Anyway, I went to ( a site I dearly love) and found the Marc Benno album and downloaded five tracks and listened this morning, pretty good and I will report with my comments on Asylum Choir.

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