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Thoughts About Mindfulness and Mystical Morning..


Lead to New Directions for My Blogs and a Mystical Morning Commute!

The other morning while meditating my mind turned toward my blog and I thought of my blog in relationship to my body mind and spirit. Much of what I try to do during the day is directed at one of those three aspects of life. Whether it’s trying to enrich and keep my mind sharp by reading, exercising and eating right to help my body and meditating and listening to New Age music to lift my spirit, the actions I take revolve around these aspects of life. Anyway what I am going to try for a while is to keep this blog oriented toward the rejuvenation, and revitalization of my mind, body and spirit,

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Exploring the New Age Music of Germany’s Uwe Gronau – Thoughts of Tomorrow!!

The other day I visited the Zone Music Reporter Chart for August 2014 to check out what’s new in the world of New Age music. As I looked down the chartThoughts for Tomorrowthe album at No 7 Thoughts of Tomorrow caught my attention, not just for the title,but also for the artist’s name Uwe Gronau. So I went to Spotify, figuring that I’d give the album the 30 to 60 second test and come back later to give it a full listen after checking out more of the albums on the chart. I think the album stayed long enough that I heard and enjoyed most of the album!! Since then I’ve listened to the album several more times, including this morning, while I was doing a few things around the house!! Here’s a little background about Uwe from CDBaby……

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