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Distant Horseman – Timothy Wenzel

Distant Horseman – Timothy Wenzel – Life, Living  and the Universe

So if you are looking for a nice, quiet relaxing album, I have one for you – Distant Horseman the latest release from New Age Artist Timothy Wenzel. The album was released back in February and it has been in my music rotation since then. I also think that it has also been at the top of the Zone Music Reporter Charts for all those months. The album features the musical artistry of Wenzel coupled with the beautiful violin of Josie Quick.

One of the ways that I always put granddaughter Zoe to sleep when she was a baby was to rock her on my shoulder. When I did this I would turn on the Soundscapes channel on Comcast. Soundscapes plays New Age music. On one of the days when I was rocking her a track from Timothy Wenzel came on and I really liked it. Zoe did to, but she went to sleep and I went to Spotify to find the album. Since this would have been early 2015, the track was most likely from Timothy’s album Summon the Wind. I wrote about the album in March of 2015. You can read about the album and Timothy here.

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Summon the Wind – Timothy Wenzel

Timothy Wenzel – Summon the Wind

Fantastic electro-acoustic Contemporary Instrumental/New Age/Celtic music.

Timothy Wenzel - composer Summon the Wind

Over the last week or so the latest release Timothy Wenzel Summon the Wind has been in my music listening rotation. I spotted the album on the Zone Music Reported Chart for January where it was at number 6 on the chart. I had previously listened to Wenzel’s 2012 release A Coalescence of Dreams and his 2013 release River Serene and enjoyed both of the albums.According to Wenzel’s website, Wenzel   “writes and plays highly engaging electro-acoustic Contemporary Instrumental/New Age/Celtic music.” From his biography……

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