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Friday Night Six Pack of Songs and some AM music from The Atomic Duo!

So yesterday was one of those LONG days – starting at Lippincott in the morning and ending at Target at 11:30! The iPod on the way to and from Target was set on shuffle and recently added. Oh by the way it does no good to put the iPod on random shuffle on the way to Lippincott because the trip to work is probably less than 4 minutes, if you hit the lights! Now to Target the trip is a whole 12 minutes which gives you time from a few songs! Here’s the round trip six pack!!

1 “What the Other Man Won’t Do” – The Atomic Duo – Broadsides. This is an album that’s been on the iPod this week two guys from Austin who play “old timey music with some good socially relevant lyrics. I’ll hopefully write more later but let’s just say they’re good!

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