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Running with Waiting for the Noise – Sylvium

Sylvium’s Ambient PostProg from the Netherlands Provides the Soundtrack for a Good Run – Waiting for the Noise!

Yesterday was the first really, really nice spring day we’ve had in the Delaware Valley with temperatures climbing into the high 60s, it was a great day for a run. Even though the weather was great, I tried to talk myself out of the run! “You’re tired. Today was the first day you worked at Target in the morning in a long time” I told myself. “Maybe you should just do it tomorrow.”, “you have to go get your holds at the library today” were other attempts to sidetrack the run!! But I did not give in, when I got home I was determined to run, so I thought how about if I plot out a new course! I’ve been running the same course since I started back at the beginning of this month, it’s time for a change!! I plotted out a new course and made it 3.1 miles. I’ve been running 2.8 miles so I should easily be able to get the extra distance!! Now for the music!! I decided some progressive rock would be just the thing and Sylvium a heavy prog band from The Netherlands was my choice! I have been listening to and enjoying their latest album Waiting for the Noise and the fact that it has lots of long instrumental breaks makes it perfect.

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