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Steven Troch Great Blues Harp From Belgium!

Steven Troch’s album Nice ‘N’ Greasy brightens my night!

So this evening I was browsing the Euro-Americana Chart and there are several new albums from musicians whom I like. The chart includes new albums from: Peter Cooper & Eric Brace, Cam Penner, and Grant Peeples. One of the several artists on the Tips list whose name I didn’t recognize was Steven Troch. The title of Troch’s latest album is Nice ‘N’ Greasy and any album with a title like that is worth checking out!

When I went to Spotify I saw that the album cover had a picture of Steven and a big ass harmonica…again a sign that the album should be checked out!! So I did and I think I have added another blues harmonica player to my stable of favorites!! It turns out that Steven Torch is also known as the “Belgian Blues Torch”

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