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Myrath – Legacy

Myrath – Legacy – Progressive Metal – Tunisia 

So around eleven o’clock this morning I thought it was to stop pounding on the computer keyboard and get up and get something done around the house In doing so, I decided to put on some progressive rock. I chose Legacy from Myrath. The album has been in my music rotation for about a week now and I like it more and more each time I listen to it!

Myrath is a progressive metal band from Tunisia. Yes, you read that correctly Tunisia. I first listened to the band back in 2013 two years after the release of their third album 2011’s Tales of the Sands. I really liked that album with it;s blending of progressive metal and Middle Eastern music. It was really a sound that I had never heard before.  Like many of Myrath;s fans I have been eagerly waiting for the release  a new album and Legacy appear to be worth the wait!!

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