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Buy My Soul Back – Kevin Selfe

Great Soundtrack to a New Workout Type…..

Kevin Selfe – Buy My Soul Back  *****

The Workout….

So Sunday after sitting through that miserable Eagles loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs, I just couldn’t make myself lace up my new running shoes and go for a run! What I did instead was pull out the stationary bike and did a 30 minute interval workout. I really didn’t know how to lay out the workout – so I ended up alternating 1 minute of fast riding followed by 1 or 2 minutes of relatively slow riding. The result that I was able to get and keep my heart rate up to the 130s during the high intensity riding and then having it drop back down in the recovery portion.

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Life’s Soundtrack: A Good Sceond Run with some Great Blues from Kevin Selfe!

So it was a pretty mice day today in the Delaware Valley, temperature somewhere in the mid-40s, light almost until 6, no excuses for not running! So I hit the road, I ran the same course as the last time almost a week ago, but this time I went a little farther and the run was a little easier! I averaged around 10:!4 per mile, but again I’m just starting to build some miles again, so I’m not worried about time, just as long as I’m little faster and can go farther I’m fine! The soundtrack for the run was a little over half of the new album from Kevin Selfe Long Walk Home.

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