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Life’s Soundtrack – Another strong run with music from Joanne Shaw Taylor!

So I came home a little early tonight so that I could get in a run , before we went to see my mom. I decided to run a nice easy 4 mile out and back. The course is a variation on my regular out and back run, the start of the run is different, so I looked at the course on Runner’s World before i went, to see were the turn around point was, I ran the first mile in 9:28 when I crossed  the second mile  and looked at my watch and saw 20:22, and I knew I went a little too far! So that moved the 3rd mile mark but the last mile was 9:52 which wasn’t bad. Overall the 4.2 mile course was completed in 41:32 for an average pace of 9:55 still an improvement over last two months! A slight difference I couldn’t find any running tights so I ran without and right now my legs feel good, we’ll see tomorrow, but last time I ran without them the pain in my knee was immediate!

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A Good Run – No Tunes – Some Reads and Music from Joanne Shaw Taylor!

So today was another nice day for a run. Initially, I thought, ok let’s go for like five miles, then I thought every time I have run three days in a week, after not having run three times in a week, and had my third run be longer, I’ve ended up hurt!  So as I started out today and felt pretty good I said, you know I’d rather run four and a quarter miles and feel good at the end, than run five and feel bad! So I went for the four and a quarter!  I ended up with my fastest time over the course I ran since May and overall my pace was 9:44 per mile, well below what I’ve run lately and I feel good! So there is improvement and maybe next week I can add in that long run!  The only bad thing about today’s run was that I couldn’t find the iPod, so I ran the old way listening to my breathing, hum, maybe that works better! Nah!

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Blues Wednesday: Joanne Shaw Taylor and Mitch Kashmar!

Hot! Yes that describes today’s weather. But it also describes the blues that I listened to this morning on my way to and from Cookstown! On the way there the hotness was supplied by British blues guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor and on the way back the warmth was provided by the harp of Mitch Kashmar.

The Joanne Shaw Taylor album was her debut album White Sugar  and it is great!The album on Ruf Records was recorded at  Jim Gaines’ studio. Gaines has worked with bluesmen like Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan both of whom are idols of Taylor. He surrounded Shaw Taylor with  session men Steve Potts (drums) and Dave Smith (bass). From her website Taylor says this:

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Blues Wednesday-Part 1-Joanne Shaw Taylor

So the other day there was a comment to my post of my favorite blues albums of 2010, that for the sake of gender equality, the reader would add Cyndi Lauper’s album Memphis Blues to my list. I said that I would check out the album, so I did this morning. I only listened to a few of the tracks and they sounded pretty good but Lauper’s voice is still a little too cute for me. But I will try to give it another listen in the future! However, I did listen to two female blues artists in today’s mix, Joanne Shaw Taylor and Shannon Curfman. Both Shaw Taylor and Lauper are featured in the Nov./Dec. issue of Blues Revue with Joanne Shaw Taylor on the cover with the headline “Powerful Women Play the Blues”. Also included in the magazine is an article about Eden Brent, who I wrote about a little while back!

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