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New Friends – Hot Buttered Rum

So a couple of months ago I was scrolling through stations on XM Radio and stopped at Jam On. Now I was never a big Grateful Dead or Phish fan, but I did find myself enjoying many of the bands. Unlike my wife I like instrumentals and long jams of good music are fine with me. One of my favorite albums is John Mayall’s Turning Point album, with long solos by Jon Mark and Johnny Almond on” California” and “Thoughts About Roxanne”! Seemed like many times when I heard a band I liked and looked to see who it was, and it was Hot Buttered Rum. So the other day, I loaded the mp3 player with their second and third studio  albums Well -Oiled Machine and Live in the Northeast and yesterday I added their most recent release Limbs Akimbo and I have some new friends!

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