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Something New for My Morning Yoga with Music by Deuter

Deuter’s Immortelle Provides the Soundtrack for this Morning’s Yoga

This morning I decided to change-up my morning yoga routine. Typically, my routine starts with whatever yoga series that I am doing,  followed by a 10 to 15 minute meditation.

Many times during my meditation, I slowly move my body in slow figure eights. The movements seem to relax various sides of my body and improve the meditation. So last night I did a search on Google for movement during meditation and found several articles on movement meditation. At I read the following about movement meditation…

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Reiki Hands of Love from Deuter

Deuter’s Reiki Hands of Love – soundtrack for my morning yoga…

This morning I decided to go to Zone Music Reporter to find some music to listen to while I was doing my morning yoga routine.The first album that caught my attention was Reiki Hands of Love from Deuter. It sounded like the perfect album to go with yoga and it was.!But who is this Deuter? Wikipedia tells us that…

Deuter (born Georg Deuter in 1945) is a German new age instrumentalist and recording artist known for his meditative style that blends Eastern and Western musical styles. Read More

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