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A Great Trip to Cabbagetown with Delta Moon

Cabbagetwon - Deltoa Moon370

Cabbagetown Another Winner from Delta Moon

In accordance with my plan to listen to more music, I put several Americana albums in the iPhone on Monday night. In addition listening to Americana this week Is consistent with my plans . I planned to explore Americana music ( folk, blues, bluegrass and alt-country) during the first week of each month. Anyway, I the Americana albums I picked include:  two blues, two bluegrass albums and one folk album.

Yesterday, I listened to one of the blues albums Cabbagetown from Delta Moon . I first discovered the music of Delta Moon back in 2010 around the time of the release of their sixth album Hellbound Train. I loved their swamp blues right from the get-go. Cabbagetown is the band’s eleventh album. Eight of the alums are studio albums and three live albums.

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Blues Wednesday Delta Moon, Kirk Fletcher and Mannish Boys!

So it isn’t often that I make a list of artists to listen to load up three albums and enjoy them all! Well that’s what happened today. I checked the Living Blues chart for March and April and picked three names I didn’t recognize to give a listen. The three artists and albums (and position on April chart) were Delta Moon – Hellbound Train (20), Kirk Fletcher My Turn (9) and Mannish Boys Shake For Me (2). First up was Delta Moon and Hellbound Train and the title track whichopens the albun was enough for me to know that I was going to like this band! Here’s what they say about their music on their website:

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