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Cydemind – Erosion – Canadian Instrumental Progressive Metal

Erosion - Cydemind

Today’s Soundtrack: Cydemind – Erosion – Canadian Progressive Metal

The soundtrack of my four-mile run this morning was Erosion the latest release from the Canadian Progressive Metal band Cydemind. (You can read about the run here). The album has been in my music rotation for the few weeks and I have found it very interesting.There’s a certain sameness to the tracks, but that happens with instrumental albums. At least in my opinion. Anyway, here is some background information on Cydemind.

About Cydemind

The music of Cydemind draws on a lot of influences and their music combines Progressive Rock. jazz and Progressive Metal very nicely. Dream Theater, Haken, Neal Morse, Avishi Cohen and Tigran Hamasyan are among those bands that have influenced Cydemind. Erosion is the first full-length album. Previously, the band has released an EP – Through the Mist and Ages in 2014 and the single “What Remains”  in 2015. Cydemind is composed of five members. Here’s the line-up for Erosion….

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