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Blind Ego’s Liquid Powers a Good Walk

The Walk (not the run!)

I know that I was supposed to run yesterday. But first we had to do some shopping before the Eagles game. Then after the end of that upsetting loss to the Giants I was in no mood to run. However, I didn’t want to totally avoid exercise so I decided to walk instead.

Along with  just not being  not in the mood to run I also knew that it was late enough that it would be getting dark before I finished my run.  I hate  the switch back to standard time in the fall It would be so nice if it stayed light out until 5:30 to 6:00 at night! I’ll put up with it being dark in the morning! Anyway, I read a good article about the switch in The Washington Post yesterday and I whole heartedly agree: Turning back the clock 1 hour takes a serious toll on your mental health

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Neo-Prog from Germany’s RPWL (not!) but here’s a side project – Blind Ego – Numb!!

So for the last few days I’ve been listening to the latest release Wanted, from the German Neo-Prog group RPWL. When I went to start to write about the band, I saw that band member Kalle Wallner (guitar) has a side project named Blind Ego -That sent me back to my archves where I found this post I wrote back in March of last year! So since I wasted the afternoon and can not complete a post about RPWL before I go to work tonight at Target, here is that post!1 I’ll write about Wanted soon!!

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