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More Guitars than Friends – Anni Piper

More Guitars than Friends from “Australia’s First Lady Of The Blues.” – Anni Piper

Anni Piper - More Guitars Than FriendsThis morning I decided to start my week with a little blues. I reviewed the Roots Music Report Blues Chart and came away with six albums that I wanted to listen to this afternoon. Anni Piper was  the artist who came first alphabetically. Anni’s latest release More Guitars than Friends, currently sits at number 29 on the chart up from 45 last week. How could I go wrong with an album title like that!!

The Track One Introduction….

My decisions about whether or not I will like and album are often made by listening to the first few minutes of the first song on the album. In the case of More Guitars than Friends, the first song is “Wonder Woman” which just blew me away. Strong music from the bass to the guitar and then Anni’s sultry voice sounded just right to me.

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