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Anekdoten Provides the Music for My First Four Mile Run of the Year!!

Anekdoten’s Album Until All The Ghosts are Gone is the soundtrack for a good run!

This afternoon I ran for the third time this week! Yeah me! This is the first time that I have done that in a long, long time! In doing such. I achieved one of my April goals which was to run three times per week, duh! Now I have to match that feat for the rest of the month and beyond!

My first two runs of the week were both 3.1 miles and I felt good at the end of both runs, so I thought it was time to make the weekend run a little longer. I plotted out a four mile course that stayed away from any hills and was different from the courses that I typically have run over the years, I didn’t want to get disappointed, when my time was way slower than it used to be over those familiar courses!!

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