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Aaron Diehl – Space Time Continuum

Aaron Diehl Joins Generations on Space Time Continuum

Aaron DiehlWhen I first started to listen to jazz it was mostly the guitar of Wes Montgomery and the Hammond B3 of Jimmy Smith, but through the years I started adding other artists. Pianist like Thelonious Monk and Oscar Peterson were added to my music library, along with Miles, Gary Burton and Milt Jackson. One night a few years ago I put on The Bespoke Man’s Narrative from Aaron Diehl, while I was reading. After a few minutes I stopped reading and listened to some unbelievable piano! Along with Diehl’s piano on that album I also loved the vibraphone of Warren Wolf on the album. Anyway, a few weeks ago Diehl’s new album Space,Time, Continuum joined my music rotation and it’s another outstanding outing from a great pianist. What surprised me was the presence of some fine saxophone and trumpet, which I hadn’t heard on Diehl’s previous albums.

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An Afternoon with the Jazz Piano of Aaron Diehl – Live at the Players!

Live at the PlayersSo this afternoon, as I was searching through some of the new genealogical information that has been added to, including get this, Pennsylvania Death Record from 1915 – 1944!! Actually, that IS really great and I think that I have tied down some family lines because of the release of these records…. but you ask what has that got to do with jazz!  Well, whilst I was trying to figure out a particularly branch of my family line, I put on some jazz. For some reason, the first musician that came to mind was pianist Aaron Diehl. Looking back at my older posts, I see that it was just about this time last year that I discovered Aaron’s music. I listened to his latest release The Bespoke Man’s Narrative and was blown away by his fantastic musicianship. You can read that original post here

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