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Tom Rush

Back in 1968 when I was just getting into Folk Music one of my earliest influences was Tom Rush. Tom had been active in the folk music scene for many years by then and had already released five albums. The first Tom Rush album in my collection was The Circle Game, and it is still right at the top of my all-time favorite albums list. What a great album it was, not only did it introduce me to the great voice and guitar of Tom but it introduced three unknown artists to the music world: as Tom covered the songs of Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and James Taylor!. Throughout his career Rush has done great covers of artist like Guy Clark, Murray McLaughlin and Bruce Cockburn among others!

The major part of Tom’s career spanned from 1962 and the first album Tom Rush at the Unicorn to  1974 and the release of Ladies Love Outlaws. After that album his release were mainly live albums or Greatest Hits Albums one of the best being No Regrets: The Very Best Of Tom Rush
If you want a great synopsis of his best songs check this album out! It also includes “The River Song” a new song that made it’s first appearance on the CD.

Throughout the years Tom has continued to perform and typically, makes his stop in Philadelphia around Christmas. In March of 2007 – (from Wikipedia)

A video of his performance of Steven Walters’ “The Remember Song” was placed onYouTube and to date (December 2012) it has received over 6 million plays. Writing on his website, Rush said, “I’ve been waiting 45 years to be an overnight sensation, and it’s finally happened! A video clip of my performance of “The Remember Song” has ‘gone viral.’ I felt terrible at first, thinking I was being accused of being a musical equivalent of Ebola, but my children explained to me that this was a good thing.”

Subsequent to that video, Tom returned to the recording studio in 2009 and recorded an album on Appleseed Records titled What I Know. It’s a terrific album and Tom considers it possibly his best work!

Here’s a video from that was their fourth most popular video of 2012.

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