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Phil Ochs

One of the artist who had a big impact on my early music listening and my overall political beliefs was Phil Ochs. Phil’s songs made you think, made you feel, whether it was about war in songs like “I Ain’t Marching Anymore” or how maybe ones liberal beliefs may change the closer things hit to home in “Love Me, Love Me, I’m a Liberal”, or apathy in “Outside of a Small Circle of Friends”. There are just too many great Ochs’ songs to list, but here are two of my favorites, “The Flower Lady” and “There But for Fortune” From Tom Paxton’s song Phil about Phil’s suicide in 1976:

Oh, I remember “There But For Fortune”.
There but for fortune you and I would go.
Fortune turned its back on you,
Or so it must have seemed to you,
Christ alone knows what was the final blow.

You can read the complete lyrics hereor listen to it here

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