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Circles of 8 – Holland Phillips

Circles of 8 by Holland Phillips Becomes a Movement Meditation Staple

Over the last week I have continued to do movement yoga for 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of my morning yoga routine. It seems to get me both moving and grounded at the same time. I have used a few different albums. The first one was Immortelle by Deuter and most recently Marika Takeuchi’s Colors in the Diary. For several days in between those two albums, I used Holland Phillip’s most recent release Circles of 8. Since most of my body and arm movements are movements are figure eights, I  thought the album would fit perfectly and it does.

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Something New for My Morning Yoga with Music by Deuter

Deuter’s Immortelle Provides the Soundtrack for this Morning’s Yoga

This morning I decided to change-up my morning yoga routine. Typically, my routine starts with whatever yoga series that I am doing,  followed by a 10 to 15 minute meditation.

Many times during my meditation, I slowly move my body in slow figure eights. The movements seem to relax various sides of my body and improve the meditation. So last night I did a search on Google for movement during meditation and found several articles on movement meditation. At I read the following about movement meditation…

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Marconi Union – Ghost Stations

Marconi Union – Ghost Stations

Sometimes I am not sure that I like ambient music all that much. Many times I’ve heard an ambient track and said, “What the hell was that?” Little did I know that was the reaction that Marconi Union wants from listeners to their latest release Ghost Stations. Here’s what they have to say about the album…..

“People who have bought our previous records may think we have gone to far in this direction or that direction or that we don’t do enough of some particular aspect anymore., but we’ve already done those things in our previous work and we have to keep pushing our boundaries otherwise what is the point? We want people to hear Ghost Stations and say “what the f**k is that either in a good or bad way!”

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Soothing Sounds from Richard Carr – Matters of Balance

Matters of Balance - Richard Carr
Matters of Balance – Richard Carr

Last night as I looked down the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Airplay Chart the album at number 7 caught my eye. The album was titled Matters of Balance and the artist was Richard Carr. The album cover looked pretty cool  and I had never heard of Richard Carr so I opened up Spotify to  check the album out. So I put the album on an picked up my book and started to read. Pretty soon I was doing more listening than reading!!

I turned to the album again this afternoon and once again the album won when going head to head with my book  Connectography by Parag Khanna. While it was obviously that the main instrument on the album was piano, the accompanying instruments were terrific. They included: trumpet, violin, cello, drums and more.

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Votum – :Ktonik:

Votum – Atmospheric Progressive Metal – Poland

So this afternoon I decided to explore some new progressive rock releases. So I went to New Prog Rock Releases and started looking. First I checked out  from France – Far From Your Sun and their album “In The Beginning… Was The Emotion”,. I gave it a quick listen and thought their music sounded promising but I moved on. The second band was an  “Atmospheric Progressive Metal” band Votum. Their latest release in titled T:Ktonik: I found this album really interesting and ended up listening to the whole album, and followed up with a trip to ProgArchives to find out more about the band!

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Spiritual Haven – Russell Suereth

Spiritual Haven – Relaxing ethnic instruments and rhythms blended with modern sounds

Richard Suereth - Spiritual HavenThis morning I was looking for music to serve as the soundtrack for my morning yoga routine. (routine 3 from Richard Hittleman) I made a stop at the Zone Music Reporter‘s Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart The album that caught my eye was the number 31 album Spiritual Haven by Russell Suereth. It sounded like an album that would make a good soundtrack for my yoga set, so  I gave it a quick listen,I liked what I heard, but for some reason I didn’t use it, I come back and listen to it later in the morning though, and I think that I will be in my music rotation for a while. Here’s what Steve Sheppard of One World Music says about Spiritual Haven

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David Morrell: The Brotherhood of the Rose and more

David Morrell

David Morrell – The Mortalist, Frank Balenger, and   Thomas De Quincey series

So back in the 1980s (Ok think about that Edward the 1980s were 35 years ago! Ouch! When you were 14 in 1965 would you have thought about anything that happened in 1930 as anything but ancient history? Nope!) I read a lot of thrillers from the likes of Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, Bill Granger (November Man), Richard Hoyt and others. And right up there with the best of them were books from David Morrell. Morrell’s 1972 debut novel was First Blood was adapted into Sylvester Stallone’s movie Rambo.

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Reading Challenge Update and Reads May 2015

May Reading Challenge Update

April 2015 was a great reading month for me as I finished seven books!! Woo! Hoo! May has not gotten off to a bad start either I have already finished two books. What Then Must We Do? by Gar Alperovitz and Dance of Death from the dynamic duo of Preston & Child

What Then Must We Do? is treatise on what we need to do in the future to try to fix our broken economic system. It delves into what we can do to democratize the ownership of wealth in our nation to strengthen our communities and our nation!! It is book 4 on a goal of 11 in my nonfiction reading challenge and book number 20 for 2015! Review

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Dance of Death – Preston & Child

Dance of Death – Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Book 6 of Pendergast Series Books 2 of Diogenes

So I am not sick that often so when I am I really hate it!! The last two days have been spent nursing a bad cold. Yesterday I flt like I had been run over by a Mack Truck, Today I was better and the damage was done  by a pesky little Mini-Cooper which I believe just keeps circling the block and running me over just about the time that I think that I have this thing knocked!!

The only good thing about yesterday was that I finished Book 21 of 2015 Dance of Death by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Dance of Death is Book # 6 of t  the Aloysius Pendergast series and the second book to feature his twisted  sibling Diogenes. Dance of Death, along with The Book of Death and Cemetery Dance. I thought were the books in the trilogy that features Diogenes Pendergrast. Aloysus’ evil sibling.. Not!! In actuality, while Dance of Death is Book 6 and The Book of Death is Book 7, Cemetery Dance is Book 9!!

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What Then Must We Do? – Gar Alperovitz

What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution        Gar Alperovitz

The Democracy Collaborative and The Next System Project

I think that few would argue that I country that was once a proud beacon for the world is in good shape. Our political system doesn’t seem to work any more, our economic system only helps the rich get richer  Thoughts of upward mobility among the lower and middle classes have been crushed and it seems that the only people doing well in this day and age are members of the upper upper class. To me it actually seems hopeless. Corporate lobbyists control Congress and the elite and Corporations now control our elections thanks to Citizens United!! And what really pisses me off is that they get all our hard earned money and then they don’t even pay and damn taxes and take away all our jobs to boot!!! It all seems so damn hopeless! But what if there was a better way! A few weeks ago I came across a website and program titled The Next System Project. From their website….

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