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The Tangent

Tangentially Running with A Spark in the Aether

Running Soundtrack: The Tangent A Spark in the Aether: The Music that Died Alone Volume Two

Today’s run showed me the value of running at LEAST twice a week. Last week was busy, making it was very easy to put off running. As a result, I have not run in almost 2 weeks. My last run was on Tuesday the 14th. The lack running was not a problem on the first mile, which was run at a pace of 10:24 min/mile. I started to feel it on the second mile, but I made it through that mile at 10:51 min/mile. I think it was at about the 2 and a third mile mark, that I started to struggle, and actually thought about shortening the planned 4 mile run!! But I finished third mile in a somewhat slower 11:13 min/mile,  still not bad. I continued to struggle through the last mile and ended that mile with an 11:51 min/mile pace!! The final overall pace for the run was 11:07, which really isn’t that bad, but  I just missed my goal, which was to run the four miles at under an 11 minute per mile pace.

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