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A Return to Running Music by Sean Chambers

Trouble and Whiskey - Sean Chambers

The Run –  30 Minutes – 2.75 Miles

So I stuck to plans for a run this yesterday afternoon and took off on a run at around 5:15. Which I guess is actually this evening. My plan was to run for at least 30 minutes. I chose a course that I usually run when I am returning to running. It’s  about 2.5 miles plus and takes around 30 some minutes.

Since it was my first run in over a month, I kept reminding myself as I was prepping for the run to take it easy! Anyway whether it’s old age or I just have learned over the years how to run slower, I was able to maintain a nice easy pace throughout the run.

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A Nuevo Flamenco Guitarist Running Playlist

Gravity - Jesse Cook

A Running Playlist Containing Some of My Favorite Nuevo Flamenco Guitarists

Last week I decided to create a playlist for one of my runs using music from four of my favorite acoustic guitarists. Two are solo Nuevo Flamenco guitarists and two are duos. The  solo artists are Jesse Cook and Ottmar Liebert and the duos are Rodrigo y Gabriela and Terra Guitarra.

[URIS id=39365]

The albums that I used for the playlist are two favorite albums Gravity from Jesse Cook which is one of my favorite acoustic guitar albums of  all time and from Rodrigo y Gabriella I chose their album Live in Japan. The songs I picked from Gravity are: “Mario Takes a Walk”, “Closer to Madness” and “Azul”. “Mario Takes a Walk” and “Closer to Madness” are my two favorite songs from Jesse Cook. I don’t think that many songs create a feeling of a dark Arabian night as well as this song!  From Live in Japan I picked “Ixtapa”, “Diablo Rojo” and “Tamacun”

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A Walk/Jog to Restart Running – Music by Aisles

A Walk/Jog to Restart Running and Slow My Raging Biologic Clock…..

So for the last six to eight months,particularly the last three months, I feel that my biological clock has been moving ahead a full speed. While I have been keeping up with my daily yoga and meditation, even including a couple of days a week with light weights. I have done little else right. I have run maybe five to six times this year and now that I haven’t been for my walks with Oliver, I have packed on several unwanted pounds!!

My diet hasn’t been too bad, but there have been a few too many late night cake snacks! So this week I need to start doing a little better!! First on the list of things to do is to start running again. I did just that this morning. Well, maybe not “just” that there was some walking mixed in, but at least I was out there doing it!!

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Run & Rock with Cargo from Royal Hunt!

The Run

So after our trip to Moorestown on Sunday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to run or not. But I was able to get myself moving and I headed on out. I loaded up a little prog on the iPhone, Cargo the latest from the band Royal Hunt and I was off, but not for long. Over the last several weeks, the back of my left shoe has rubbed on my foot and I developed a blister which popped and now I am left with the residual irritation, I have put a band-aid over the spot and that helps but Sunday I started running without the band-aid because my foot hadn’t felt too bad. Mistake! After the first quarter-mile I knew I had two choices return home and put a new band-aid on and hope that worked or struggle through the run and then probably limp  for the next two days. While I knew I could do the later. I also knew that the correct choice was to go home and put the band-aid on! I chose that option. I walked the quarter-mile home put the band-aid on and walked back to the point where I had paused the Fitbit and restarted the run.

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Update:Two Runs, Music From Armik and Stubblefield!

The Guitars of Jim Stubblefield and Armik Power Two Runs!

The Run – Sunday October 25, 2015

So the last two runs I need to catch you up on are from Sunday and Tuesday of this week. I didn’t get to run on Sunday until almost five o’clock and since I knew the sun would be setting a little after six o’clock and I was a little tired I decided not to run a full 10 K! The first three miles of the run were great the splits were: Mile 1 – 10:00/mile. Mile 2 10:07 /mile Mile 3 10:09 / mile. I started to struggle a little on mile four with the pace dropping to 10:14 /mile. Then the bottom fell out on mile 5 with the pace dropping to 10:42 / mile. Since my overall time was close to an hour I decided that was when I would stop!. The overall distance was 5.80 miles at an average pace of 10:20 /mile. Which is really good! The other good thing was my maximum heart rate on the run was 152 beats per minute (bmp) and the average was 148 bmp.

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Kori Linae Carothers’ Music and a four mile run ….

….Perfect Together

The Morning Run……

So if there ever was a morning that had a good excuse for not running, today was it! We babysat Oliver last night and didn’t get home until 1:30 this morning!! While I knew it would be hard to get up at 7 to run this morning, I thought well maybe 7:30 would work. When the alarm went off this morning I thought “Do I really want to do this?” The answer was less than a resounding yes!  But at least it was a yes! The more  I thought about it I thought well I will be running tomorrow – that will be ok!  No – I said today was to be your long day – it doesn’t matter how fast you go, you just have to make it happen – so just do it!! My pre-run routine was the same as Friday, except for the head smack because today was not a Kundalini/Weights day, so doing the Meditation Preparation Routine was fine!!

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A not so good day – but some good music from Progression by Failure

pbf-albumOk so obviously the problem I had yesterday i.e. no power to my computer has not been resolved. it is clear from the fact that I am writing my first post of the day at 11:20 pm! Of course it didn’t help that I somehow wiped out this website this morning and when it was restored this afternoon it was restored back to March 8th! Anyway the new site is and will be the home for politics, and the rest of the social sciences! I will try to keep this site for mysteries, music and family!

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