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My Return to a Past Schedule……

Setting a New Old Schedule to Get Me Back to What I Love!

So one of my favorite genres of music Americana, which to me includes folk, Americana, Blues and Alt-Country music has kinda gotten lost from my music rotation over the last year or so. Back when I started this blog, this genre of music, that l listen to the most. Lately though, I have listened to more Progressive Rock, Jazz and New Age. than Americana. I convinced myself that I really didn’t like the Americana that was out there nowadays! After spending most of the weekend searching for new Americana, I do believe that I have been missed out on some good stuff!!

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Lazer LLoyd – The King of Israel’s Blues

Exploring the Blues of Lazer Lloyd’s Album Lazer Lloyd!

Lazer LloydWhen I think blues, my mind does not immediately soar to Israel, but that may change after listening to the “King of the Israeli Blues Lazer Lloyd’s latest release. Since Lloyd’s self-titled release debuted on the Roots Music Report’s Blues Chart a couple of weeks ago it has been in my music rotation and this damn fine album is going to stay there for a while!!

But who is this Lazer Lloyd according to his website, Lloyd was born in New York and bred in Madison, Connecticut on blues, folk, rock, and jazz by a music loving, guitar playing father, and his extensive record collection! Lloyd eventually immigrated to Israel in 1994 and Since then he has been a member of a psychedelic jam band Reva L’Sheva, and self-released a solo debut album, the folk-rock-influenced Higher Ground, in 2004. This was followed by Lazer Lloyd’s formation of a roots rock trio Yood. Yood released two albums Passin’ Over in 2007 and Real People in 2008.

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Gretchen Peters – Blackbirds

Gretchen  Peters – Blackbirds – she gets better and better!!

My favorite Gretchen Peters’ song has always been “On a Bus to St Cloud” I’ve loved the song since the first time I heard Jimmy LaFave;s cover on his 2001 album TexOma. Notice I said “has always been”, the reason for that is that I do believe that there are several songs on Gretchen’s hauntingly beautiful new release Blackbirds that could soon take away that distinction. First, there’s the title track  “Blackbirds” a murder mystery masterpiece and then “When All You Got is a Hammer” and “The House on Auburn Street”. Oh. I forgot “Jubilee” Hell it could be any one of the eleven tracks on the fantastic album! Will Kimbrough, who appears on the album, pretty much sums up what I feel about the album….

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Steve Krase: Buckle Up – for a rockin’ blues ride!!

Buckle UpThe title of the new album from Steve Krase is Buckle Up (featuring Trudy Lynn) and that’s just what you should do before you listen to the album!  Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!  The worst thing about the ten track album is that it’s only 39 minutes long! The album had me from the opening rocker “Jolene” right on through to the closing track – an instrumental titled  “Now”, and there were not many times during the album that my feet were not in motion!

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“Into the Evening” with a Relaxing Native American Flute Playlist – Ah! I’m better now!!

R CArlos. Eaton, CLipman

Ok so I can see it now you’re working frantically. You don’t know how you’re going to get everything done that’s due today or tomorrow! Your stomach’s starting to churn, heart is racing a little. Now is the time to turn to this playlist – sit back listen for ten or fifteen minutes and then get back to work, with the rest of the playlist playing in the background…. it works every time for me… hope it does for you……

An Afternoon Acoustic Playlist – A Mix of Singer-Songwriters and Acoustic Guitarists!!

How Did You Find Me Here

So this afternoon when I turned on the computer, Spotify loaded to its home page and one of the playlists that was there was Acoustic Afternoon. I listened to a few of the tracks and heard a couple of songs that weren’t too bad. Then I thought ,ok, why don’t I just make myself an acoustic afternoon playlist with some of my favorites. What follows is a 10 song, 42 minute playlist with a mix of some of my favorite tunes, mixed with tracks from some of my favorite acoustic guitarists……

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This Date in Music – November 22, 1941-Happy Birthday, Jesse Colin Young

Jesse Colin Young

Jesse Colin Young – November 22, 1941

Today we celebrate the birthday of the leader of The Youngbloods and solo artist Jesse Colin Young!  Who was born Perry Miller on November 22, 1941 in New York City. His mother was a violinist and his father an accountant.  From 1969 to 1972 Young recorded four albums with band mates: Jerry Corbitt (guitar), Lowell “Banana” Levinger (keyboard/guitar) ,and Joe Bauer(drums). Obviously, “Get Together ” was their biggest hit! One of my favorite songs of the Youngbloods comes from the album Rock Concert.It’s a Lovely Day”

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This Date in Music November 13, 1946 – Ray Wylie Hubbard was born!

Ray Wylie 4On this date in 1946 on of my favorite Texas Music artist/Americana Artist Ray Wylie Hubbard was born. Now like Booker T  and :”Green Onions” in my music world Ray Wylie is usually associated with one song….. “Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother”! A song that Jerry Jeff Walker made semi-famous on his album Viva Terlingua! Here’s a little information about Ray from his biography at All Music…

A leading figure of the progressive country movement of the 1970s, singer/songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard remains best known for authoring the perennial anthem “Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother.” Born November 13, 1946, in Soper, Oklahoma, Hubbard and his family relocated to Dallas during the mid-’50s; there he learned to play guitar, eventually forming a folk group with fellow aspiring musician Michael Martin Murphey. Befriended by the likes of Jerry Jeff Walker and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Hubbard later formed a trio named Three Faces West, which regularly performed at the Outpost lub in Red River, New Mexico, a musical hotbed also trafficked by artists including Steve lb and Bill & Bonnie Hearne. Upon the breakup of Three Faces West, Hubbard toured the southwestern coffeehouse circuit as a solo act before forming another group, Texas Fever; they too proved short-lived, and he returned to New Mexico to again take up residence at the Outpost. Read More

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John Gorka, and thoughts about the first song I ever heard from an artist…..

Sometime in the early 90s I picked up the CD Legacy: A Collection of New Folk Music.  Through that album, I was introduced to two WH_Legacyfolksingers who became favorites from that album on, John Gorka and Bill Morrissey. I was thinking about the album and John Gorka,  because I was listening for the first time to Stu Larson and his album Vagabond, about which you will be reading soon. Anyway, my thoughts revolved around the first songs I ever heard by artists.

I know that the first Elton John song I heard was “Your Song” because I can still hear the DJ on WMMR saying now here is a song from this new artist from England Elton John! The Beatles was of course “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, “Light My Fire” The Doors. If I rack my brain I can probably come up with a lot more, but back to Morrissey and Gorka.  The Bill Morrissey song on Legacy was “Handsome Molly” and it’s still a favorite. The John Gorka song on the album was”I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair” it too,  became a favorite, as have many of his other songs!

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Album of the Day – Rob McCoury – The 5 String Flamethrower – Yes He Is!!

Rob McCoury was born into bluegrass royalty in April of 1971, the son of bluegrass great Del McCoury. He attended his first The 5 string Flamethrowerbluegrass festival in Allentown, Pa  at the age of six weeks, caught the bluegrass “bug” after seeing the Osbourne brothers perform, and made his professional debut as a bass player for his dad at the age of 15!! In August of 2014, after playing for years in Dad’s Del McCoury Band and the band’s second generation alter-ego The Travelin’ McCourys, Rob has stepped out and released his first solo album The 5 String Flamethrower After listening to the album this morning, I would say that the moniker fits Mr McCoury!!

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