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I spend a lot of time reading and when I read I love to have music on in the background

Today in Music – Feb 1, 1959 – Ottmar Liebert’s Birthday!!

Ottmar LiebertToday is the birthday of one of my favorite acoustic guitarists Ottmar Liebert. From Wikipedia: Ottmar..

….was born February 1, 1959 in CologneWest Germany to a Chinese-German father and a Hungarian mother. As a child, he spent most of his time traveling throughout Europe and Asia with his family. He began playing classical guitar at 11, and flamenco guitar at 14, after he “found a Flamenco LP in the bargain bin at a local supermarket”.[1] After performing rock music in his native Germany, he moved to the United States and settled in Boston for a few years, performing in various rock clubs.[2] In 1986 Liebert settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he began looking to create a new musical sound...Read More

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2013 – New Age Sounds from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins – Found

FoundSo I made a quick stop at the Echoes with John Diliberto’s website this morning and about all I had time for was to check out the album of the month which is Found from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins. After the visit I went to MOG put the album on and the wonderful music of this duo provided a perfect soundtrack for my morning. I think after listening to Found and reading about the music that the two create and the comparisons to other artist I have another all new sub-genre of New Age music to explore. The good thing is that it ties in very well with the symphonic prog music have listened to and like lately!! Helpling is a self-taught musician and composer for film. One of the films Trade Offs, immersed him in the music of India. The score features several guest artists including vocalist Nidhi Bhatmuley David lists Elliot Goldenthal, Edward Shearmur and David Julyan as his favorite film composers, while U2 and Björk afre two of his favorite musicians, . David has also provided several themes, scores and ambient beds for numerous television, corporate and interactive projects. David says this about composing for television  “Creating music for TV is certainly rewarding and streamlines the process in producing my own music.” Helpling’s  debut release, Between Green and Blue, was a finalist for the 1997 INDIE Album-Of- David HelplingThe-Year award. In 1999, David’s second album was Sleeping on the Edge of the World  

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Lunchtime Music from R Carlos Nakai and Will Clipman!

Awakening the FireSo yesterday I was all excited because I saw a R Carlos Nakai and Will Clipman album that I had neve seen before Awakening the Fire. I downloaded it and gave it a listen last night and like of all of the work of these two masters – I love it! Nakai is a master of the Native American flute and Clipman is an extraordinary percussionist! What I learned this afternoon is that the album is from 1995!! Hell, its still great! Some information from Carlos’ website.

Grammy-nominees R. Carlos Nakai and Will Clipman delve into a primal sonic odyssey, channeling a sound that grounds each of us in the center of our being, a place where all cultures merge into the river of human existence. The ancient call of Native American cedar flute and the vibration of African, Native American and Asian rhythms connect to our innermost essence and finely tune the awakening energies inside each of us nourishing inner balance and harmony

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Derek Gripper and The Strings of Mali!

The November 14th Birthday of Derek Gripper leads to the Music of Mali

originally posted November 15, 2013

So tonight I was reviewing the list of jazz musician birthdays on November 14th and a name that caught my attention was guitarist Derek Gripper, who was born on today’s date in 1977. I read in his biography at All About Jazz that….

Derek Gripper is a composer and guitarist from the Western Cape of South Africa, merging “the imagery and mystery of the rural areas of the Cape” with the techniques of classical guitar and the string music of Africa (uhadi bow, umrhubhe, kora, guitar). Derek calls this new evolution of music New Cape describing it as a “rethinking of the Cape’s transcultural heritage.”

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Morning New Age Music from the Bombay Dub Orchestra – Tales from the Grand Bazaar!

Bombay Dub OrchestraYesterday morning I decided that I’d check out what’s new  in the world of New Age Music and what better place is there to do that, than So I surfed on over there and looked at the Top 24 Albums for October my curiosity peaked quickly when I read the name of the band that holds the number two spot the Bombay Dub Orchestra with a name like that, they have to be checked out!! At their website I read…..

Bombay Dub Orchestra was formed almost ten years ago following a trip to Bombay, India, by Garry Hughes and Andrew T. Mackay. They’d gone to record with the city’s strings orchestra a few years earlier and decided to take advantage of the relationships they’d built up with musicians in India to create their own project. It took another three years to talk about the idea and a further three years to write, record and release their debut self-titled album. The album featured lush, cinematic, downtempo music. Ambient electronica and Western classical influences were fused with distinctly Indian instrumentation. A large string orchestra, soloists and vocals were recorded in Bombay and additional vocals and instruments were recorded in London. Full Biography

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Burnt Belief – Colin Edwin and Jon Durant

Burnt BeliefLast night when my run ended so did the soundtrack of the run The Folk Sinner from Lee Harvey Osmond. As a result,I needed some music for the cool down. I wanted something quiet something to I could zone out to, while I was recovering. I turned to an album that’s been on the iPhone for a while now Burnt Belief from the duo of Jon Durant and Colin Edwin. Jon Durant is a guitarist, a composer and also is the  executive producer of Alchemy Records, where produces recordings for internationally acclaimed artists in his small Massachusetts-based studio. Colin Edwin is a bassist and a current member of the group Porcupine Tree. I liked what I heard and this morning I decided to give the whole album another listen as I continued to work on that Waterfront Development project.

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Lunchtime Music – Some Native American Flute from Douglas Spotted Eagle!

Douglas Spotted EagleSo this morning I was  doing a lot of calculations and trying to interpret NJDEP regulations. Therefore, I needed music to keep me focused and calm so that I didn’t pull out what little remaining hair I have!! I turned to the New Age genre and heard music from R Carlos Nakai, Mary Youngblood, illy McLaughlin, and Adrian Legg to name a few. Among the artist was another artist whose specialty is Native American Flute Douglas Spotted Eagle From Wikipedia:

Douglas Spotted Eagle, is a Grammy-winning musician, noted for his live and recorded performances on the traditional Native American flute, sometimes accompanied by either traditional Navajo (Diné) singers and instrumentalists or a modern band. He is listed in The Native American Almanac as a flutist who does traditional and new age music,[2] and in World Music By Richard Nidel as a flutist and film composer “who incorporates synthesizers into Native sounds.”[3] He is also a lecturer and publisher of instructional books and DVDs for music and video computer software Read More

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Afternoon Music from the Guitar of Lawson Rollins……

So this morning I was in beautiful Newark NJ. Last night we went to a fund-raiser for Team Willpower, a night of bowling. It was the first time I bowled in many years. It took several throws to even be respectable, and for me the 110 I bowled was not even that! But it was for a good cause and we had a good time!Lawson Rollins Full CircleOne of the artists that I’ve been listening to over the last few days has been Lawson Rollins I listened to his fine guitar playing a while ago as part of the duo Young and Rollins,.and really liked their sound. This week I’ve been listening to Lawson’s latest album Full Circle. On his website, Lawson says this about the album:

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New Age – “Into the Morning” with Peter Kater and Nawang Khechog

Peter Kater Nawang KhechogI first heard Peter Kater’s piano coupled with R Carlos Nakai’s Native American flute on the album Honorable Sky and the album quickly became a favorite.

Several years later I picked up the album Karuna by Tibetan artist Nawang Khechog, which I admit to not listening to as often as I should, hum, does that sound familiar! From his website:

Nawang Khechog is first Tibetan Grammy Nominee and the most renowned Tibetan Flutist in the world. He is one of the Tibet’s foremost world music & spiritual music composer and also one of the first Tibetan musicians to be able to break into International music scene with his original and authentic musical compositions ( solo and collaborative albums) to be distributed around the world through ” Sounds True” and other record labels .

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A Hectic Morning from Overthinking?? – Relaxation provided by Paul Adams’ Flute!

Sleep the dreaming fluteSo this morning was hectic,  my wife needed a $300.00 gift card for a life-long friend who is retiring this years after 35 years of teaching! She told me to check with our bank but that she would call me later. When it got to be after 10 o’clock and she hadn’t called yet, I called she asked, “Why I hadn’t gone yet and that I needed to be back to pick her up at school at 10:45 fearing that I didn’t have enough time to look around I went on-line and typed in Visa gift card location and up popped Bank of America, hum, what better place to get a Visa gift card than Bank of America. So I hopped in the car and frantically drove to BOA, only to be told that they don’t do gift cards!! Well then who does I asked…. “You can try Shop-Rite”  But I said “I want one $300.00 card do any banks do that??” She said that “TD Bank may do it”

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