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Colin Edwin – Explorations of his Music!

Colin Edwin –  fretted and fretless bass guitar , double bass and guimbri. –Born July 2, 1970

Ihave explored the music of Colin Edwin, not through the band that he has been a member of since 1993 Porcupine Tree; but through his collaborations with Jon Durant and more recently with Armonite. So today July 2nd i thought it may be a good day to more extensively explore the man and his music.  What I discovered is that Colin Edwin, like many talented musicians has many different outlets for his musicianship! In addition to his work with Porcupine Tree, Edwin has released solo albums. collaborated many artists and been a member of several bands! Some basics from Wikipedia.

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Terence Blanchard – Breathless

Terence Blanchard

Terence Blanchard’s – Breathless – leaves me just that way!

One of the  albums that has spent considerable time in my music rotation over the last few weeks is Breathless the latest release from Terence Blanchard and the E-Collective. Terence Blanchard’s music career started in the 1980s first touring with Lionel Hampton and then replacing Wynton Marsalis in Art Blakey‘s Jazz Messengers. Since then he has been a prominent force in the jazz community.with 5 career Grammys out of his 13 career Grammy nominations, Terence has released twenty albums since his debut in 1984. Blanchard has probably reached his widest audience through his work as a film composer. His trumpet can be heard on nearly fifty film scores; with more than forty of the films scores were composed by Blanchard. As if all that was not enough to do, since 2000, Blanchard has served as Artistic Director at the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.and in August of 2011, he was named the Artistic Director of the Henry Mancini Institute at the University of Miami Frost School of Music! Some people can do it all!.

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Tal Farlow – Jazz Guitar Great

Tal Farlow

Tal Farlow – Guitar – “The Octopus” 

(June 7, 1921 – July 25, 1998)

Jazz guitarist Tal Farlow was born on June 7th of 1921 in Greensboro, North Carolina.While I knew the name until this morning I had never listened to his music. So I headed over to Spotify and chose to listen to  Tal Farlow: The Complete Verve Sessions. Now I understand why Tal is considered to be one of the all-time great jazz guitarists.He has a distinctive sound and after some of the runs I heard I said wow!

After listening for a while I made my way over to both AllMusic and Wikipedia where I discovered that Tal Farlow’s nickname was the “Octopus” for his extremely large, which spread over the fretboard like large tentacles.While other guitarists  played chords and linear progressions, Tal Farlow liked to place single notes together in clusters, varying between harmonically enriched tones based on a startling new technique. As I listened I realized that one of the guitarists that his playing rminded me of was Chet Atkins.  Farlow originally learned to play jazz on the mandolin tuned like a ukulele listening to jazz records by greats such as Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Armstrong, and Eddie Lang. He  didn’t start playing guitar until h was 21. Let’s see that would have been 1942……from Wikipdia

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Interplay – Kenny Barron and Mark Sherman

InterplayKenny Barron and Mark Sherman  is Awesome*****

Last year pianist Kenny Barron and bassist Dave Holland released the terrific album The Art of Conversation. In 2015 Kenny Barron returns to the duet setting, that he has visited nine times through the years. This time Kenny has teamed up with vibraphonist Mark Sherman. The album is titled Interplay and their interplay results in another terrific album and one the I know will be in my music rotation for a long while!! What can I say I love vibes and piano, well, when it’s Kenny Barron’s fingers tickling those ivories there’s not many who are better!!

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Night and Day – Vincent Herring

Vincent Herring – Night and Day – A 2015 Favorite!

Back on May 12 I was excited to see that saxophonist Vincent Herring had released a new album titled Night and Day. Then I saw on the album cover who Herring had playing with him on the album and I was even more excited! The other members of this quintet include: Brandi Disterheft on bass, Joe Farnsworth on drums, pianist Mike LeDonne and trumpeter, Jeremy Pelt, Both Disterheft and Farnsworth played with Herring on his last album Uptown Shuffle. On Night and Day. Mike LeDonne replaces Cyrus Chestnut on piano and Jeremy Pelt is a new addition! I first listened to some of the great piano of Mie LeDonne back in 2010 when I started to blog. I listened to his album Bag’s Groove and really liked it! Since then I’ve listened to several of his albums and each time I have been impressed by his playing. As for Jeremy Pelt I first listened to his fine trumpet on a night that I listened to trumpeters Pelt, Terrence Blanchard and Ambrose Akinmusrie! Since then like LeDonne I have listened to several of Pelt’s albums and always come away impressed. The interplay between Pelt’s trumpet and Herring’s sax is what makes this Night and Day really special for me. In his review of the album in The New York Times Nate Chinen writes this about this interplay…

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Bosch and Art Pepper Perfect Together!

Watching Bosch leads to the Music of Art Pepper

Last night my wife and I finished watching the first season of Bosch on Amazon Prime. The series is based on the books of Michael Connelly featuring LA Detective Harry Bosch.  If you haven’t seen it do, because it’s really, really good. I have not read many of the Harry Bosch books, but what I have read I have enjoyed, and there are three of them on my TBR shelves! Michael Connelly is the executive producer of the show and I’m sure he has a lot of say over the way Harry is portrayed, which makes the series that much better!

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Wallace Roney – Jazz Trumpet from Philadelphia!

Wallace Roney – Trumpet – Born May 25, 1960 – In Philadelphia.

Tomorrow May 26th is the great Miles Davis‘ birthday. Today is the  birthday of  the only trumpet player that he ever mentored Wallace Roney. Wallace was born in Philadelphia in 1960 So he is too young to have experienced 1960, which was the year that former Whiz Kids manager re Eddie Sawyer resigned as the hapless Phillies’ manager after a 9-4 opening day loss to the Reds and said.: “I’m 49 years old and I want to live to be 50.”  But I digress so it’s back to Wallace Roney.

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Intents and Purposes – Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet

Intents and Purposes – Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet meets 80s Jazz Fusion

Rez AbbasiOne  of the albums that has been in my music rotation is Intents and Purposes for the Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet Rez Abassi is a jazz guitarist and rising star on the jazz scene.  He was voted #2 “Rising Star” guitarist in DownBeat magazine’s 2012’s esteemed Critic’s Poll, and #1 in 2013’s poll, Intents and Purposes is Abbasi tenth album and throughout  his career he has become best known for music that blends jazz with Indian music. On his first eight albums he has been both a leader and a collaborator. His collaborations have been with  Rudresh Mahanthappa, pianist, Vijay Iyer and with his wife, Juno-award-winning Indo-Canadian singer/songwriter Kiran Ahluwalia, for whom Abbasi serves as musical. On his last two albums the influence of Indian music on his music has been more subdued. His 2012 release Continuous Beat featured a trio composed of bassist John Hébert and drummer Satoshi Takeishi.

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Julius Wechter – Baja Marimba Band

Julius Wechter (May 10, 1935 – February 1, 1999)
Primary Instrument: marimba, vibraphone Band: Baja Marimba Band

How about a little musical analogy ——

The Rolling Stones are to The Beatles as

______________ are to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass!

If you said The Baja Marimba Band!! You would be correct and probably old!! On this date in 1935 the leader of the Band  Julius Wechter was born!! To explain the analogy The Beatles we re the clean-cut good  guys and the Stones the bad boys. And Jules says this about the Baja Marimba Band’s relationship to Herb and the Brass! They were….

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Ambrose Akinmusire – a glistening trumpeter emerges!

Ambrose Akinmusire – Trumpet – May 1, 1982

Ambrose Akinmusire (ah-kin-MOO-sir-ee) was born on May 1st, 1982 in Oakland California.  His latest release The Imagined Savior is Far Easier to Paint  has been in my listening rotation and I have enjoyed it! This was not my first meeting with Mr. Akinmusire, winner of the 2007 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition, the Carmine Caruso International Jazz Trumpet Solo Competition, two of the most prestigious jazz competitions in the world. No, I first listened to his trumpet back in August of last year when  I  spent A Night of Exploration – Contemporary Jazz Trumpeters!  Since then I have listened to his second album on Blue Note records,When the Heart Emerges Glistening  and I like it more and more with each listen. The New Yorker calls Ambrose:               “a thrilling young trumpeter and astute bandleader [with a] unique spark in his playing” 

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