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DEC 24, 2016 – From Earlier in the Week- Jimmy Smith and More..

DEC 24, 2016 – What You Missed Earlier in the Week (Thanks to Me not Writing About It!)

So Wednesday my  granddaughter Zoe and I ran some errands. The trip included: Walmart, the library and Lowe’s. For the trip to the library was an album that ‘i picked up at the Princeton Record Exchange a while back. It is a compilation album of tracks from albums that Jimmy Smith recorded on the Milestone label, during his brief tenure with the label. The album is titled Milestone Profiles: Jimmy Smith.

Milestone Profiles: Jimmy Smith.

Jimmy Smith has always been a jazz favorite of mine. My first exposure to jimmy Smith’s dynamic organ playing was the album The Dynamic Duo, he recorded with Wes Montgomery. Eventually Jimmy Smith’s Greatest  Hits album  became a favorite in my music rotation. That album introduced me to Jimmy’s  hits like “The Champ” and “The Sermon” Through the years many Smith albums have been added to my music library!!

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Melvin Rhyne – Jazz Organ – Born October 12, 1936

Melvin Rhyne an Original Member of the Wes Montgomery Trio and More!

One of my favorite things to do is to scroll down the daily list of birthdays at All About Jazz. I always check for names I am unfamiliar with and/or musicians who play instruments that I enjoy! Today as I looked over the list I noticed a Hammond B-3 Organ player Melvin Rhyne.  I didn’t recognize Melvin’s name. However, after reading the following synopsis of the early years Rhyne’s career, I do believe I probably have heard his Hammond B-3 before……


Melvin Ryne was born on October 12, 1936 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her starte playing piano at an early age. He became a part of the city’s jazz scene at the age of 19 whenwhen…..

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Brian Auger a Hammond B3 Original!

Brian Auger – Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express – Hammond B3 – Born 18 July 1939

Several years ago, I discovered Jon Lord’s music through the Jon Lord Blues Project and I thought he was great! Then sadly I learned that he had passed away the previous July.  Rather than cancel the band’s scheduled tour dates Brian Auger was going to appear with the band. At that time, I decided to go and find some Brian Auger music. What I found was a career that has its roots in the 60s and is still going strong! I’ve always heard the name but never really knew the artist, though now having read some about him and seeing all the bands he’s played with I’m sure I’ve heard his Hammond B3 more than once or twice!

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This Date in Music – October 7,1940 – Jazz Organist Larry Young was born!

Larry YoungOn this day in 1940 jazz organist Larry Young was born. I was unfamiliar with Young’s music until recently. That may have been a result of his early passing. Young died in 1978, after entering the hospital with stomach pains, he died from untreated pneumonia However, after reading some of the information below I did hear his music back in the day, when he played on Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and playing  in Tony Williams’ Lifetime .  From Wikipedia:

Larry Young (also known as Khalid Yasin (Abdul Aziz) (October 7, 1940 in Newark, New Jersey—March 30, 1978 in New York City) was an American jazz organist and occasional pianist. Young pioneered a modal approach to the Hammond B-3 (in contrast to Jimmy Smith’s soul-jazz style). However, he did play soul-jazz also, among other styles. Read More

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Exploring the Jazz Organ of Akiko Tsuruga – Commencement – Hammond B3 Done Right!!

As I looked down the JazzWeek Chart  for the Week of October 6th this morning, prior to a trip to Target, I noted the Commencementalbum at #5 Commencement  from Akiko, has risen from 16 to 5 over the last month. Not knowing anything about the artist, I went to Spotify and found the album, since the album cover features a young woman relaxing on a Hammond keyboard, I figured it just may be an album that would appeal to me! Once again, I was correct and then some! Akiko’s full name is Akiko Tsuruga and the incredible young organist has been active in the New York Jazz scene since her arrival from  Osaka, Japan in 2001.  Here’s what some folks in the know have to say about Akiko…

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Artist/Album of the Day: Jazz Organist Barbara Dennerlein – Tribute to Charlie!

Last Thursday September 25th, jazz organist Barbara Dennerlein celebrated her 50th birthday. In honor of the day and to Barbara Dennerleindiscover another jazz organist that I may enjoy, I listened to her latest release Tribute to Charlie. Not only did I find an organist that I like, but I found one who may soar to the top of my favorites. Could she pass the Incredible Jimmy Smith?? I doubt it, but I’m listening to “All That Blues” from her album Straight Ahead now and it is pretty terrific!!

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Exploring the Jazz of Milt Buckner and Jo Jones! Hammond B3 and Drums, All Right!

Milt BucknerAmong the jazz musicians birthdays yesterday was Hammond B3 organist and pianist Milt Buckner. Buckner was an influential musician on both instruments. He started out playing piano in Detroit in the 1930s.

By 1941 he had joined Lionel Hampton’s band and over the next 7 years he worked with the band as its pianist and staff arranger. Milt’s love of rocking rhythms and boogie-woogie messed nicely with Hampton;s style!.During this period, Buckner developed a uniquely percussive technique employing parallel tonal patterns, later referred to as “block chords.” Buckner’s locked hand technique would later be used by such greats as Red Garland, George Shearing, Bill Evans, and Oscar Peterson.

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2014 Jazz Organ – from Jared Gold – JG3+3 = a great jazz sextet and album!

JG 3+3Somewhere a while back I became aware of jazz organist Jared Gold. I think I first saw Jared’s name when I was searching for Dave Stryker’s album 8-Track (which I still have not found). Anyway, over the last couple of months, I’ve watched Gold’s latest release JG3+3 climb the JazzWeek Charts and have gone to Spotify to check the album out and come away empty. This week I did the same thing and this time the album was available and it has been in my jazz rotation this week and I have a new jazz organist favorite to add to my  ever-growing collection.

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This Day in Music – June 18, 1985 – KC Jazz Organist Chris Hazelton was born!!

On this day in 1985, jazz organist Chris Hazelton in Kansas City Mo., where one night at Bobby's Hangout, Chris met the instrument he knew was right for him, the Hammond B3!! Chris eventually, coaxed the organist, Everett DeVan, to take him on as a student. DeVan laid down the basic in and outs of the instrument and the art of the Hammond groove. Evidentially, Chris learned his lessons well!! And went on the play around Kansas City in that famous jazz quintet Grandpa' Cough Syrup. As well as, Tony DiPardo Pack Band, the in-game music for the Kansas City Chiefs!....

This Day in Music – May 24, 1941 – Jazz Organist Charles Earland was born in Philly!!

Chalres EarlandI browse the daily listing of jazz birthdays each day not only for whose birthday it is that particular day, but also to discover new music. Many times I select who I read about by the instrument they play. Other times I select someone with a foreign sounding name, figuring that will lead me to explorations of jazz music beyond America’s shores. Tunisian born Wajdi Cherif is a perfect example of this type of choice. I read about, and spent time listening to Charles Earland’s music this morning, based on the instrument he plays – Hammond B3 organ!!

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