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Terceto Kali hits the Flamenco-Jazz Scene

Terceto Kali – Terceto Kali

One of the albums that has been in my music rotation this past week while on vacation on Long Beach
Island in NJ was the latest the self-titled debut album from a three-man trio Terceto Kali. The trio led by virtuoso flamenco guitarist Jason McGuire “El Rubio, plays a blend of flamenco, Latin and jazz rooted in a variety of musical genres. Prior to the release of this debut album the band was billed as The Jason McGuire Trio. Either way, if you are a fan of flamenco guitar, oh hell, if you are a fan of guitar playing, you are going to love this album! Throughout the album, “El Rubio” lives up to his billing as a virtuoso guitarist!

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Tal Farlow – Jazz Guitar Great

Tal Farlow

Tal Farlow – Guitar – “The Octopus” 

(June 7, 1921 – July 25, 1998)

Jazz guitarist Tal Farlow was born on June 7th of 1921 in Greensboro, North Carolina.While I knew the name until this morning I had never listened to his music. So I headed over to Spotify and chose to listen to  Tal Farlow: The Complete Verve Sessions. Now I understand why Tal is considered to be one of the all-time great jazz guitarists.He has a distinctive sound and after some of the runs I heard I said wow!

After listening for a while I made my way over to both AllMusic and Wikipedia where I discovered that Tal Farlow’s nickname was the “Octopus” for his extremely large, which spread over the fretboard like large tentacles.While other guitarists  played chords and linear progressions, Tal Farlow liked to place single notes together in clusters, varying between harmonically enriched tones based on a startling new technique. As I listened I realized that one of the guitarists that his playing rminded me of was Chet Atkins.  Farlow originally learned to play jazz on the mandolin tuned like a ukulele listening to jazz records by greats such as Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Armstrong, and Eddie Lang. He  didn’t start playing guitar until h was 21. Let’s see that would have been 1942……from Wikipdia

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Intents and Purposes – Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet

Intents and Purposes – Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet meets 80s Jazz Fusion

Rez AbbasiOne  of the albums that has been in my music rotation is Intents and Purposes for the Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet Rez Abassi is a jazz guitarist and rising star on the jazz scene.  He was voted #2 “Rising Star” guitarist in DownBeat magazine’s 2012’s esteemed Critic’s Poll, and #1 in 2013’s poll, Intents and Purposes is Abbasi tenth album and throughout  his career he has become best known for music that blends jazz with Indian music. On his first eight albums he has been both a leader and a collaborator. His collaborations have been with  Rudresh Mahanthappa, pianist, Vijay Iyer and with his wife, Juno-award-winning Indo-Canadian singer/songwriter Kiran Ahluwalia, for whom Abbasi serves as musical. On his last two albums the influence of Indian music on his music has been more subdued. His 2012 release Continuous Beat featured a trio composed of bassist John Hébert and drummer Satoshi Takeishi.

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This Date in Music – October 17, 1976 – Jazz Guitarist Gary Tu was born!!

Gary Tu

When you listen to as many albums as I do over the course of a year, there are many that you forget, not because that they are not great, but because your mind can only remember so much! Anyway looking back at the albums that I wrote about on whatever day it is, serves as a good reminder! Today’s reminder is about jazz guitarist Gary Tu, who is celebrating his 38th birthday today. Here’s is last years post…… and Happy Birthday Gary!! (oh, by the way I’m listening to his album Looking East right now!!)

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Exploring Birthdays on October 14th leads to Jazz Guitarist Garrison Fewell and Blues Artist Chris Thomas King!

Garrison Fewell2

Over the last several years that I have written this  blog, I have used the lists of birthdays that I have found at several sites as a source to find new music. What I do is read down the lists, find names of musicians that I don’t know then go to Spotify listen and if I like the music I go and read more about the artist,  then I write about them. Here is a post I wrote last year on October 14th, when I discovered Garrison Fewell, and Chris Thomas King…….

This morning I was thinking about how reviewing the birthdays everyday has given me another avenue for discovering new artists Over the last week, I have discovered Terry Gibbs, Harry “Sweets” Edison, Dave Robinson and Mark Whitfield to name a few, which to me is pretty cool! With that being said, it seems that a review of today;’s birthday’s has yielded possibly two more artist and if additional listening confirms what I heard this morning that possible will turn into a definite!!

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This Date in Music – October 6, 1966 – Jazz Guitarist Mark Whitfield is born!!

Mark Whitfield Today is jazz guitarist Mark Whitfield‘s birthday, the following post is from last year. Since then I’ve listened to and enjoyed Whitfield’s guitar work and at least one of his albums is now in my music library. This morning I listened to another album that was among his music at Spotify, it was technically a 1997 release of Christian McBrideFingerpainting : The Music of Herbie Hancock. The album features McBride on bass, with Nicholas Payton on trumpet and a lot of Mark Whitfield’s guitar. Here’s what Scott Yanow at AllMusic writes about the album……

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From the Archives – A Morning of Jazz – Wes Montgomery and Wynton Kelly – Smokin’ at the Blue Note!

Smokin' at the Half Note

Last night when I was sifting through my vinyl collection I came across the Wes Montgomery album Willow Weep For Me, Finding that album reminded me of this post I had written a while ago. I read the liner notes for the album which has always been a favorite and discovered that in the summer of 1968 Verve Records discovered previously unreleased tracks and the seven that are included on Willow Weep for Me were recorded at the same booking at The Half Note in Greenwich Village! In the notes Richard Lamb writes:

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2014 Jazz from NY via Australia JC Stylles – Blakey Grease!

Blakey GreaseSo tonight I went for a run, the first time I’ve run on back to back days in, well, I don’t even remember the last time ! Anyway the soundtrack for the run was Blakey Grease from guitarist JC Stylles. The reason that I chose the album is that this afternoon I was working on the list of the top jazz albums that I’ve listened to so far this year and I knew that this one had to be on that list and I hadn’t written about it yet!! The album is actually a first, it is the first time that the songs of Art Blakey have been recorded by a guitar-organ trio, and in my opinion they sound pretty damn good that way!!  Here’s some background on JC…..From Wikipedia..

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The Safari finds “Oleo” at Yoshi’s and with Bags’ Groove!

So the other day when I was listening to Hammond Heroes one of the tracks that I really liked was the Pat Martino Trio’s performance of “Oleo” After listening, I went and looked for the album that the track was on and I found it on Martino’s album Live at Yoshi’s. Live at Yoshi’s was released in 2001 a little over 20 years after Martino had brain surgery as a result of a nearly fatal brain aneurysm. The surgery left him with amnesia, that wiped out his memories of his career and how to play guitar!! With the help of friends and his old records he was able to learn to play again. An amazing story, that I had no clue about!!

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The Safari Wishes a Happy Birthday (Jan 15, 1975) to Iranian Musician: Shahab Tolouie!!

So the Safari discovered that on this date in 1975, a very talented world fusion guitarist, Shahab Tolouie  was born! That’s him at the start of this post, he is pictured with a guitar of his creation. Well, technically it is not a guitar it is a

Fusetar (eng.“fusion”, “tar” – farsi. “strings” – fusion of strings).  This three-necked instrument represents the culmination of his sound experiments in search of a mode of expression of his new musical concepts. The fusion of Setar, flamenco guitar, and fretless guitar

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