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Prog Rock

Crossover Prog from Argentina’s Vanished from Earth!

So one of the things that I like about prog rock are the album covers. The majority of them are very artsy and very interesting and the one to the left of me is no exception! It was one of the reasons that the band and album Vanished from Earth caught my eye this more at Of course it was the music that ultimately sealed the deal and made resulted in the album becoming the soundtrack while doing some chores this afternoon.

After listening I went to ProgArchives and found that the band hails from Argentina next door neighbor to Chile where we found Aisles yesterday. I guess that the prog rock scene is alive and well on the South American continent!! As a matter of fact Vanished From Earth made their debut at the “La Plata Prog 2011” after only a few months of rehearsal! At that event they shared the stage with some of the continents biggest acts like: Contraluz,Uranian, Fughu, Atempo, and Jinetes Negros. The followed that performance up with an appearance in their hometown at the “Close to the Edge Buenos Aires Prog Fest” at that festival they shared the stage with: William Gray, LaPlace, and Cristol. In 2012, the and released their self-titled debut album.

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German Neo-Prog Rockers – Subsignal – Paraiso!

The soundtrack for this morning’s work around the house was the latest release from Subsignal, a German Neo-Prog (there’s that sub-genre again)  band Subsignal’s latest release Paraíso. Paraiso was released back in September of this year. I listened to the deluxe edition of the album which is two discs. The first disc is Paraiso and the second disc is a collection of various live performances of songs from previous albums, which was great for me, who knew nothing about the band.

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Rafart – the handbook of the acid rider

Tonight the Music Safari travels to the left coast of the South American continent to Santiago Chili and find a new progressive rock album The handbook of the acid rider(June 2013) from Rafart. Rafart is the solo band of Francisco Rafart, stickist and composer from Chile. Rafart studied music composition under m. Aliocha Solovera at the P. Universidad Católica de Chile. His album  The handbook of the acid rider, is dedicated to the Chapman Stick that has influences of progressive rock and electronic music. New Prog Rock Releases says simply….

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Symphonic Prog from Armenia’s Oaksenham!

Yesterday among my “Just for You” recommendations at MOG was  the album Conquest of  the Pacific from the band Oaksenham. The album was released in 2006 and was recommended because I had listened to Kerrs Pink and Dead Heroes Club.Since I had enjoyed both of those bands,  I read the info  about the band. When I read that they were Armenian the hunt became more interesting!  So  I downloaded  the album to the iPhone and what I found was some great symphonic prog-rock!  The highlight for me was the flute! Some background from their website:

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Gandalf’s Fist – Neo Prog from the UK!

Today, well actually yesterday, the Musical Safari flew across the pond and landed in Cumbria, UK


Cumbria is one of the most sparsely populated counties in the United Kingdom, with 73.4 people per km2 (190/sq mi).

Cumbria, the third largest ceremonial county in England by area, is bounded to the north by the Scottish council areas of Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders, to the west by the Irish Sea, to the south by Lancashire, to the southeast by North Yorkshire, and to the east by County Durham and Northumberland (Pardon the social studies teacher rearing his head)

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Black Sabbath’s 13!

Black Sabbath 13I have never been a Black Sabbath or Ozzy Osbourne fan, so the release of 13 the first Black Sabbath album in 35 years to feature Ozzy really did nothing for me. But we were going to a picnic at the shore today, about an hour plus away, and both my son Nick and wife like Ozzy, so I went to Mog and put the album on the iPhone. Now while I am not an Ozzy fan, I did enjoy the first season or two of  The Osbournes, mostly to laugh at Ozzy’s incoherence. So I was surprised, as we listened to the album, that Ozzy’s vocals were really good, and more importantly for the most part I could understand the lyrics!! On the way back, I put the album on again and commented that I didn’t understand how an incoherent Ozzy could perform like this! Nick said some people are saying that there’s been some auto tuning with Ozzy’s vocals, but my wife explained it by saying when he’s singing he doesn’t have to think! He just reads and sings and doesn’t have to form coherent sentences! Like a stutterer who can sing without stuttering. Anyway, I’ve heard enough Ozzy over the years to know that overall this album is pretty close to vintage Ozzy and Black Sabbath. I did enjoy Tommy Iommi’s guitar work and the overall sound of the band. So I think that most of the band’s fans will like this album a lot! I know my wife liked it! From Ultimate Classic Rock’s:Black Sabbath, ’13′ – Album Review”

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Life’s Soundtrack – ARZ’s Turn of the Tide makes the miles go by!

Turn of the TideWow, two runs in three days! A first for 2013! Tonight I decided that the run would be 4 miles, but I didn’t want it to a run that I usually do, because then I start comparing my times now, with past runs and start thinking, I am old and slow! Anyway, I laid out a 4 mile course slightly different then normal – hey how much can I change it up in a one square mile town!! While it wasn’t the easiest four mile run ever, it really wasn’t, too bad considering how little I’ve run this winter. The pace was just slightly over 10 minutes per mile, which I’ll take at this point in time!

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Exploring ProgRock – Dream Theater and The Flower Kings

So last night I decided that maybe I would take a look at Andrew’s CD collection and explore the world of progressive rock. Now I knew that in the past I’ve listened to some of the bands in his collection and liked groups like The Flower Kings, Dream Theater and Evergray. First I did Google “Best progressive rock bands”. The results turned up a site with the 100 Greatest Progressive Rock Artists , So looking at the list and comparing the list to bands in my music collection. King Crimson (2), Emerson, Lake and Palmer (4), Jethro Tull (7), Traffic (11), Moody Blues (15) and The Soft Machine (24) are all in my collection so I guess I like ProgRock!

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