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Citizen by Billy Sherwood and the Miles Zip!!

The Run – November 12, 2015 – Creek Out and Back

Being the fair-weather runner that I am, I was a little concerned on Thursday, when I could see that it was raining in the morning. I thought that maybe my run would be washed out like it was on Tuesday.But the front moved through and by the time I was ready to run at around 4 o’clock it was cloudy but not raining. I decided that I would run my Creek Out and Back since it was getting close to dark and that course crosses only one main street and it is an easy run, which fit well with a day that started a 7 am at Target!!

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Sky Architects Danish Prog on a Four-Mile Run!

The Run – Friday October 30, 2015 – 4 miles

So again I am two runs behind. On Friday (Oct 30th) I ran four miles over flat course and then yesterday I ran a practice 10K over portions of the same course and of course adding a coupe of more miles. Yesterday’s run was a little more challenging, I tried to keep it slow throughout the run and did maintain a pace that was slower than Thursday’s run but still maybe a little faster than I wanted to run. In my defense, I will say that I had to keep the pace a little faster because of the impending darkness. I had hoped to start the run around 3 o’clock, but then I went to Target instead and didn’t start my run until around 4:15 so with the end of Daylight Savings Time It was getting dark over the last part of the run!!

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Since Ever’s Prog Rock Powers a Four-Mile Run

So after babysitting Oliver on Monday and then working yesterday at Target, I was a little tired yesterday and it was one of the two days I can run this week. After work I seriously thought about skipping the run, but on a quick shopping trip my wife asked if I was going to run. I said, “I’m thinking about it!” Hum, did she read my post or did she just assume that it was a day I could run?? Either way it kinda sealed the deal that I was going to run!!I decided that I would run 4 miles, but over a course without a hill! So once again I carved out a new four mile course over the familiar streets of Riverside and Delran.

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Forest Field – Angels? And Another Four Mile Run

The Melodic Prog Rock of Forest Field Makes Another Four Mile Run Easier!

The Week

So this week has been a busy and stress filled week. Tuesday was a normal work day at Target,but on Wednesday things got a little upsetting. On Wednesday morning, when I arrived at my son Andrew’s house to babysit Oliver, Andrew was still there and wasn’t dressed for work. With my Spidey senses working overtime I asked :Is everything all right? Andrew’s response was no and that he wasn’t going to work. I questioned “Am I staying?” Yes! Soon Andrew and Meaghan were off to Urgent Care. Back in the early winter last year Andrew had severe pains in his lower chest and  upper abdomen but he took some pain medication, the pain went away, and the doctor really didn’t know what the cause was! More recently my third son Peter had the same pains, he ended up in the hospital with an initial diagnosis of pancreatititis. After an endoscopy he was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia.

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Pantommind’s Progressive Metal Fuels a Good Run

So this morning I woke up feeling kinda stiff, but I guess that is what you should expect as one approaches 64. I knew that a run was on “my schedule” but so was yoga. I decided that I was going to do my Monday morning routine of Kundalini mixed with some weights and band exercises. As I did those exercises, I started to feel better and better, so thought well just maybe I COULD run!! I also thought it would be pretty bad to extol the virtues of scheduling and then skip a run the second day it’s on my schedule!!  I decided yes I would run!!

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Tangentially Running with A Spark in the Aether

Running Soundtrack: The Tangent A Spark in the Aether: The Music that Died Alone Volume Two

Today’s run showed me the value of running at LEAST twice a week. Last week was busy, making it was very easy to put off running. As a result, I have not run in almost 2 weeks. My last run was on Tuesday the 14th. The lack running was not a problem on the first mile, which was run at a pace of 10:24 min/mile. I started to feel it on the second mile, but I made it through that mile at 10:51 min/mile. I think it was at about the 2 and a third mile mark, that I started to struggle, and actually thought about shortening the planned 4 mile run!! But I finished third mile in a somewhat slower 11:13 min/mile,  still not bad. I continued to struggle through the last mile and ended that mile with an 11:51 min/mile pace!! The final overall pace for the run was 11:07, which really isn’t that bad, but  I just missed my goal, which was to run the four miles at under an 11 minute per mile pace.

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Anekdoten Provides the Music for My First Four Mile Run of the Year!!

Anekdoten’s Album Until All The Ghosts are Gone is the soundtrack for a good run!

This afternoon I ran for the third time this week! Yeah me! This is the first time that I have done that in a long, long time! In doing such. I achieved one of my April goals which was to run three times per week, duh! Now I have to match that feat for the rest of the month and beyond!

My first two runs of the week were both 3.1 miles and I felt good at the end of both runs, so I thought it was time to make the weekend run a little longer. I plotted out a four mile course that stayed away from any hills and was different from the courses that I typically have run over the years, I didn’t want to get disappointed, when my time was way slower than it used to be over those familiar courses!!

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Running with Waiting for the Noise – Sylvium

Sylvium’s Ambient PostProg from the Netherlands Provides the Soundtrack for a Good Run – Waiting for the Noise!

Yesterday was the first really, really nice spring day we’ve had in the Delaware Valley with temperatures climbing into the high 60s, it was a great day for a run. Even though the weather was great, I tried to talk myself out of the run! “You’re tired. Today was the first day you worked at Target in the morning in a long time” I told myself. “Maybe you should just do it tomorrow.”, “you have to go get your holds at the library today” were other attempts to sidetrack the run!! But I did not give in, when I got home I was determined to run, so I thought how about if I plot out a new course! I’ve been running the same course since I started back at the beginning of this month, it’s time for a change!! I plotted out a new course and made it 3.1 miles. I’ve been running 2.8 miles so I should easily be able to get the extra distance!! Now for the music!! I decided some progressive rock would be just the thing and Sylvium a heavy prog band from The Netherlands was my choice! I have been listening to and enjoying their latest album Waiting for the Noise and the fact that it has lots of long instrumental breaks makes it perfect.

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Psychedelic/Space Rock From Eloy Powers My Run!

Psychedelic/Space Rock from Germany’s Eloy Powers My Run!

So you know that you are listening to a progressive rock album, when you run for 30 plus minutes and when you are finished you are only on the sixth song on the album! Such was the case today, when music from  the band Eloy became the soundtrack for my run. I had spent much of this morning exploring several prog bands.The bands that I explored included Sylvium from the Netherlands, and The Myrrors from Texas. I liked both of the bands. When I went to ProgArchives and read about The Myrrors, I discovered that they were classified as a Psychedelic/Space Rock band This is not the first time that I have liked a band within that subgenre., so I went to ProgArchives again, and this time I read about the Psychedelic/Space Rock  sub-genre which has among its roots the music of Jimi Hendrix, and the Jefferson Airplane, particularly the live performances of these groups. Hum, guess that’s why I like this subgenre! Anyway, I thought I’d checked out a Ocean = Psychedelic/Space Rock from Eloyband or two. When I looked at the top albums of th Psychedelic/Space Rock sub-genre, the first four albums are from Pink Floyd, the fifth album is Ocean from Eloy. The album was released in 1977! From their biography at ProgArchives….

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Run 3 Rocketing with Rocket Scientists – not!

Run 3 for March a little farther and a little faster – oh boy!

Yesterday, I was able to put off running by telling myself while it wasn’t cold, the temperature was going to hit 61 today so that would be a better day to run ! Today thoughts of putting off the run were still inviting! I told myself, you’re tired from working this morning at Target for the first time in a long time, and you don’t have to babysit Zoe until 3:30 tomorrow, so you could run early in the day! But after a couple of little cat naps between 3:30 and 4:30 I was able to get my body moving and get out the door for run 3 of March!

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