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Make Blues Not War – Mike Zito

Mike Zito –  Make Blues Not War – One of the Best  Blues Albums of 2016

So today I see thar Mike Zito’s new album Make Blues Not War is continuing to rise up the Roots Music  Blues Chart. This week the album sits at number 8. Up at  eight spots from last week’s 16.. That’s good news for Mike, but the better news is that the album is number 1 on the Billboard Blues Chart. Way to go Mike!

Make Blues Not War is a terrific album and certainly deserves its lofty position on the charts. It has been in my music rotation for a couple of weeks now and I enjoy it more each time I listen to it.

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Joanna Connor – Six String Stories.

Six String Stories – Joanna Connor –  The Best Blues of 2016?

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted an album titled Six String Stories on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart. The artist was Joanna Connor. Since the title of the album was interesting and I had never heard of Ms. Connor, I went to Spotify and gave it a quick listen. Wow! It sounded great! But then my ADD kicked in and I was soon off listening to other albums and Six String Stories was set aside.

Somehow at the end of last week the album caught my attention again and I went back to Spotify and listened to it again. Boy am I glad I did! Ms. Connor is one hell of a slide guitarist! She may even give my favorite slide guitarist Dave Hole a run for his money!

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Life’s Soundtrack – Joe Bonamassa – Driving Towards the Daylight!

Ok so the weather was nice today, my legs felt pretty good, so I thought it would be a good day to stretch it out a little and go for a long run. I decided on a 10k course that I laid out last year. It includes a couple of hills within the first 2.5 miles but after that it’s pretty flat. The only problem was I left my headphones at work! Now I don’t know what it is, but ear buds do not stay in my ears, but they were all I had so I set out with them in and Mark Lucas new CD Uncle Bones. cued up! Well the buds stayed in for the first track “Uncle Bones” and then for the next mile or so, lines from “Uncle Bones” played in my head. Anyway, the run went well, I averaged aroun 10:15 mile pace over the six miles!

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Life’s Soundtrack – Jimmy McCarty and Friends

The Washington Monthly: Steve Benen: It’s the demand, stupid

Way to go Mitt you got it right, but maybe it’s wrong in the eyes of your party!

So you think September’s been a good running month for me! I certainly do!

You know what’s nice? To be running comfortably enough that at certain parts of the run including the last mile you can say I’m going to pick it up now and it actually happens! According to the GPS on my watch which may be a little off

mile 1 – 1.08 – 9:57

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Saturday’s Music Mix – Part 1 – Hot Tuna

So with a night off. I was able to do a little music listening last night. The mix was eclectic. The night started listening to the first studio album from Hot Tuna in twenty some years, Steady as She Goe! For those of you who don;t remember Hot Tuna or simply weren’t around Hot Tuna was a side project of Jefferson Airplane. The main members were Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady. Their first album Hot Tuna was a collection of concerts performed at New Orleans House in Berkeley  in September, 1969, and released in 1970. According to Wikipedia this album is affectionately known by Tunaphiles as the “breaking glass album”, because of the sound of breaking beer glasses during the recording of “Uncle Sam Blues”. Anyway this is the album and the music I most associate with Hot Tuna. In reading some info about the band there were several albums that were new to me recorded in the mid-70’s that took the band in a more hard rock direction from Wikipedia:

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