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Make Blues Not War – Mike Zito

Mike Zito –  Make Blues Not War – One of the Best  Blues Albums of 2016

So today I see thar Mike Zito’s new album Make Blues Not War is continuing to rise up the Roots Music  Blues Chart. This week the album sits at number 8. Up at  eight spots from last week’s 16.. That’s good news for Mike, but the better news is that the album is number 1 on the Billboard Blues Chart. Way to go Mike!

Make Blues Not War is a terrific album and certainly deserves its lofty position on the charts. It has been in my music rotation for a couple of weeks now and I enjoy it more each time I listen to it.

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Joanna Connor – Six String Stories.

Six String Stories – Joanna Connor –  The Best Blues of 2016?

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted an album titled Six String Stories on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart. The artist was Joanna Connor. Since the title of the album was interesting and I had never heard of Ms. Connor, I went to Spotify and gave it a quick listen. Wow! It sounded great! But then my ADD kicked in and I was soon off listening to other albums and Six String Stories was set aside.

Somehow at the end of last week the album caught my attention again and I went back to Spotify and listened to it again. Boy am I glad I did! Ms. Connor is one hell of a slide guitarist! She may even give my favorite slide guitarist Dave Hole a run for his money!

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A Playlist for a Thursday Morning Commute

Some Jazz, Blues and Prog Make for a Fine Commute Playlist

This morning I put the iPod on playlists recently played and for my commute to and from work at Target the soundtrack was a mix of new music added to my music library. Some the tracks are from the albums that I bought at the Princeton Record Exchange a couple of weeks ago and some are just new albums. So here’s the twelve track playlist…

  1. “Little Niles” – In the Vanguard – Bobby Hutcherson
  2. “No Good Place for the Lonely” – Blues of Desperation – Joe Bonamassa
  3. “Scorpio” – Shock Value – Live at Smoke- Jeremy Pelt .
  4. “Cause” – Shock Value – Live at Smoke- Jeremy Pelt .
  5. “This Train” –  Blues of Desperation – Joe Bonamassa”
  6. “Just In Time” (Take 11)  – Expoobedient – Lee Morgan
  7. “Quik” – Have You Heard – Javon Jackson
  8. “Somewhere in Dreams” – Project X  Dark Moor
  9. “Suspicion” – Shock Value – Live at Smoke- Jeremy Pelt .
  10. “Hightime” – Dark Blue – Jim Rotondi
  11. “The Valley Runs Low” –  Blues of Desperation – Joe Bonamassa”
  12. “Nevermore”  Project X – Dark Moor

The following is a breakdown of the albums on the playlist and the number of tracks from each album. Let’s see the list is composed of tracks from five jazz albums, one blues album and a prog rock album…….

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Jimmy Thackery – Blues Guitar Virtuoso

Jimmy Thackery – Band Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers

Born:May 19, 1953

I first discovered Jimmy Thackery &the Drivers in the late 90s, in the period where my sons and I visited Tunes Used CD store in Marlton every week. My introduction to his music was  his 1994 release Trouble Man that I picked up on cassette. I’m listening to it now remembering what a great album it is! Check it out!! I loved the album since then several of his albums are in my music library. I must say that over the last several years I’ve lost track of his career, hum, maybe his birthday is a good day to start reconnecting….. from AllMusic….

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Tomislav Goluban – Blow Junkie

Tomislav Goluban – Blow Junkie – Great Blues Harp from Croatia

Tomislav GolubanThe other day when I was reviewing the Roots Music Reports latest Blues Chart I was intrigued by the album at number 49 Blow Junkie from Tomislav Goluban. First, I was taken aback by the album seemingly drug referenced title.But then I looked more closely at the album cover I saw the harmonica and then I understood! And then there was the artist’s name Tomislav sounds a little Eastern European to me. So I made a quick trip to Spotify. downloaded the album onto the iPhone and gave it a listen on a run to do some errands yesterday morning! From the opening songs “Harp’ Rockin'” and “Blow Junkie Boogie” this album;s good time feel had me;

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B.B.King – Farewell to the King of the Blues!

Riley B.B.King (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015), The King of  the Blues

I look at the world and I notice it’s turning
While my guitar gently weeps
With every mistake we must surely be learning
Still my guitar gently weeps*

The guitar that weeps today is Lucille,.the faithful guitar of Riley B. King, will feel his fingers on her fretboard no more… and the world has lost one of the best when B.B.King joined heaven’s band yesterday. B..B.King’s career has spanned seven decades, over forty albums, fifteen Grammys and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy in 1987. Here are some of the other awards and honors bestowed on B.B.King…

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Brandon Santini – Live & Extended!

Brandon Santini

Brandon Santini – Live & Extended!

I love blues harmonica! I guess it stems back to listening to guys like John Mayall, Sonny Terry, Paul Butterfield and Sonny Boy Williamson in the 70s. Over the years, the list of my favorite harp players has grown to include: James cotton, Jason Ricci, Kim Wilson, Mark Hummel, Rick Estrin and others. One player who is quickly moving up the ranks of my favorites is Memphis’ Brandon Santini!! With a sound that has been compared to Mister Cotton and Mister Butterfield, this native of the Piedmont region of North Carolina is staking his claim for inclusion among the best!! In my eyes and ears, he already is included! My first encounter with Brandon was when I picked up his 2013 release This Time Another Year which is a great album, but his latest release, Live & Extended! has topped it!

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More Treasures from The Princeton Record Exchange!

A Trip to the Princeton Record Exchange Yields Seven New Treasures!

So on Wednesday night, my son Nicholas and I went bargain-hunting at the Princeton Record Exchange, armed with our Christmas Gift Cards. I had a $25.00 gift card from my birthday back in October,plus my $25.00 Christmas gift card. I came home with 13 CDs and my $25.00 Christmas gift card! Six of the thirteen albums were from the Cheap Jazz album shelves and you can read about them here. Of the remaining seven, four are Alt-Country/Folk albums, two blues albums and one New Age album. Here they are:

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Steve Krase: Buckle Up – for a rockin’ blues ride!!

Buckle UpThe title of the new album from Steve Krase is Buckle Up (featuring Trudy Lynn) and that’s just what you should do before you listen to the album!  Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!  The worst thing about the ten track album is that it’s only 39 minutes long! The album had me from the opening rocker “Jolene” right on through to the closing track – an instrumental titled  “Now”, and there were not many times during the album that my feet were not in motion!

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Exploring the Chicago Blues of Lurrie Bell

Lurrie BellLast year 2013 was a great year for Chicago Blues artist Lurrie Bell. Bell, the son of the great blues harpist Carey Bell released one of his most successful solo albums, Blues in My Soul.  Blues in My Soul, released on the Delmark label, was Bell’s return to electric blues after two albums which saw him playing in acoustic and religious styles. Lurrie Bell’s return was positively received by the blues community,  the Blues Foundation nominated him for five 2014 Blues Music Awards, and Lurrie won the 2013 Living Blues Award as the Male Blues Act of the Year! Here are Lurrie Bell’s five Blues Music Award’s nominations.

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