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Dec 23, 2016 – A Good Work Out and Morning Music from Bill Miller

Raven in the Snow - Bill Miller

A Good Work Out and Morning Music from Bill Miller

T-minus two days until Christmas much of today was spent getting the house ready for tomorrow’s guest. Every Christmas Eve my wife’s Uncle Jim and his wife Nathalie visit on Christmas Eve morning. This year all of our children and grandchildren are going to be able to come, too! I think that the only one who will be missing is Peter’s wife Missy! I’m glad that Jim will be able to spend time with the grandchildren. Actually, I’m glad we all get to spend time with Jim and Nathalie.

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The Country Blues – Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley

The Country Blues – Rob Ickes and Trey  Hensley does not make me Blue!!

Rob Ickes and Trey HensleyOver the past week The Country Blues the latest release from Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley has been in my music rotation. To say I am a happy camper is putting in mildly! For me possibly the most important part of a musical recording is just that “the music”! Years ago when I started to listen to folk and folk rock albums. I would constantly check out who was playing on the album. Way back then, if I saw  Kenny Buttrey was playing drums. Vasser Clement fiddle or Buddy Emmons  pedal steel on an album. I knew I was in for a good musical experience! Through the years, the dobro has become one of my favorite instruments and Rob Ickes one of my favorite musicians. Man that guy can flat-out pick!

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Bravery – Poor Nameless Boy

Bravery – Poor Nameless Boy –  Saskatchewan, Canada.

One of the albums in my music rotation over the last week is Bravery from Poor Nameless Boy. Since one of my favorite mystery series is the Nameless Detective series this album immediately intrigued me. The fact that it is a damn good Americana album made, by well, a Canadian! Actually, Poor Nameless Boy does have a name – Joel Henderson. Henderson hails from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Music

The Songs of Poor Nameless Boy often tell the stories of both Joel’s own life and the lives of those he’s met along the way.  The songs on Bravery  are straight-to-the-heart style songs, and range from soft and sweet indie-folk numbers to twangy blues-infused cuts.

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Twang Tuesday: Hitting the Road with Hot Day at the Zoo

Hot Day at the Zoo – Hitting the Road   ****

The other day as I was searching for the latest release from Larry Keel, I saw a band with an interesting named in the list of Related Artists on the Larry Keel overview page. The name of the band was Hot Day at the Zoo. A band with a name like that deserves to be checked out!! When I arrived at the band’s page I saw that their latest album Hitting the Road was released in 2015 and their 2010 release was titled  Zoograss (seems like another plus to me!). In addition two bands whose music I really like Cornmeal and Hot Buttered Rum are listed as Related Artists!! Yeah I think I’m going to like these guys!!

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Folk Monday – New Albums from Old Friends

Eight Albums from Familiar Voices to Load Up on the iPhone and Keep Me Happy

While I’m not quite ready to write about any of the new albums that I have listened to, I can give you a list of the albums. I have made two lists. The first list is composed of albums from artists, who are already favorites with albums already in my music library. The second list is new music from folks who I am discovering for the first time. Here is the first list……(new artist list to follow)

I have listened to the first two albums on this list so I’ll write a little more about them, than the others…..

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Tiger Maple String Band – Coming Home

This morning I was in need of a little pick-me up and I turned to some old-time bluegrass music. I listened to the Tiger Maple String Band, a band that I discovered on the Roots Music Report’s Bluegrass Chart back in December of 2012. Their album  hit the spot! I particularly love the instrumentals! Here’s the post I wrote about the band back then, It was originally posted at Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries…..

Tiger Maple String Band Playing Old-Time Music Since 1999

So last night I was checking out the Roots Music Report for some new music, and there at No 45 sat a band named Tiger Maple String Band. Their name looked interesting. I usually like bands with String Band in their name because that evokes in me thought of old timey music and tthat’s what I heard when I gave their recent release Coming Home a listen. I recognized a couple of old Appalachian standards mixed in with some great instrumentals. I love those instrumentals Here’s what they say about their music – from their website:!

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Robert Earl Keen Turns 60!

Robert Earl Keen – (Jan, 11, 1956) – The Road Goes on Forever May the Party Never End

So sometime in the late 1980s or early 90s,I heard Robert Earl Keen‘s the “Front Porch Song”, on one if the shows that Gene Shay produced here in Philly, and feel in love with his wit and music and I’ve been a fan ever since. Today Robert Earl Keen, Jr. (that’s the way I knew him first) celebrates his 60th birthday!!!

Robert Earl Keen (born January 11, 1956)[1] is an American singer-songwriter and entertainer living in the central Texas hill country. Debuting with 1984’s No Kinda Dancer, the Houston native has recorded 18 full-length albums for both independent and major record labels, while his songs have also been covered by several different artists from the country, folk and Texas country music scenes (including George Strait, Joe Ely, Lyle Lovett,The Highwaymen, Nanci Griffith, and the Dixie Chicks). Although both his albums and live performances span many different styles, from folk, country, and bluegrass to rock, he is most commonly affiliated with the Americana movements. In fact, he was the first “Americana” artist to appear on the cover of Gavin magazine when the style was officially recognized as its own genre in 1998. Read More

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Carrie Newcomer’s Music Highlights a Folk Friday

This week I have listened to some music from some artists that have been a staple in my music rotation for a number of years. On Wednesday, the playlist for my morning commute was composed on music from three of my acoustic guitar favorites Acoustic Alchemy, Alex de Grassi, and Brooks Williams. Then on Friday I decided that I would again make it Folk Friday. My choice as the artist for my morning commute was Carrie Newcomer. At some point on Wednesday I heard one of my favorite Carrie Newcomer songs “Holy as a Day is Spent” and I guess that was brought her music to the forefront for Friday.

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GospelbeacH fuels a good four-mile run!!

The Run – Creek Out and Back – 4 miles

So I’ spent another Sunday watching football rather than pounding the pavement! I did however make myself take to the streets yesterday after a four-hour shift at Target. I decided that a nice easy four-mile run would be the best and I  was not going to push it, but I would go a little harder than I did last week! The four-mile course that I picked was my old standby Creek Out and Back.

The first mile of the run for me is always the hardest. Sometimes, like yesterday it takes a while to get in the flow. The first half-mile really was a struggle yesterday even though I was right on pace for a ten-minute mile. The first mile ended up being 10:02 /mile. The second mile was better and I started to get in rhythm. I held the 10:02 pace through that mile. Usually, on the third mile I slow down a little, a. because I’m old and b. just so that I have something left for the end of the run. The pace for the third mile was 10:10/mile. I did find myself though getting into the rhythm of the music. Oh, by the way the soundtrack for the run was Pacific Surf Line from the band GospelbeacH. The final mile was fairly strong particularly over the last half-mile. The pace was 9:56/mile and I finished the run in 40:15 for an overall pace of 10:03/mile. I almost broke that 40 minute barrier! The funny thing was that the running time for the 9-song album was exactly 40 minutes! So maybe I’ll use the album again and see if I can beat it to the finish!! I used to have a playlist where I knew where the 40 minute mark was and I knew I had to get to the finish before the end of a certain song!! Anyway, it was a good run and like all good runs it leaves you wanting to do it again soon!!

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Americana Music Starts My Friday!

Americana Music Dominates Friday’s Morning Commute Soundtrack

This week has been an Americana music week! The three albums that have gotten a lot of play this week were The Mulligan Brothers’ Via Portland which was the soundtrack of a run earlier this week and then Wednesday’s soundtracks to and from Paulsboro to babysit Oliver were, first Pacific Surf Line by GospelbeacH, and second, Trout Steak Revival’s Brighter Every Day. I will be writing about each of them sometime over the weekend!

Anyway, since it was an Americana music week it was only fitting that the majority of songs that came up on a random shuffle of the iPod this morning had a lot of twang to them!! Here are the songs that made up the soundtrack of this morning’s commute to Paulsboro

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