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More Treasures from The Princeton Record Exchange!

A Trip to the Princeton Record Exchange Yields Seven New Treasures!

So on Wednesday night, my son Nicholas and I went bargain-hunting at the Princeton Record Exchange, armed with our Christmas Gift Cards. I had a $25.00 gift card from my birthday back in October,plus my $25.00 Christmas gift card. I came home with 13 CDs and my $25.00 Christmas gift card! Six of the thirteen albums were from the Cheap Jazz album shelves and you can read about them here. Of the remaining seven, four are Alt-Country/Folk albums, two blues albums and one New Age album. Here they are:

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Folk’s Music Monday

Charlie Dunn

ok so listening to “Mr. Schwinn” yesterday reminded me about one of the things I love about folk music and that’s that a lot of the music is about folks! Story songs about the men and women who make up this great country and touch the lives of the  people that write the songs. They may be real or sometimes fictional or sometimes a combination of  the two but real or not I love their stories.

One of my favorite teller of stories of the common folk was Harry Chapin. His song “Mr Tanner” is a great example of the kind of songs I like a story about a real man based on an article Harry read in the paper about the bad reviews the artist received. I know this song was very personal to Harry and he sings it with such feeling because of his bad reviews!

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