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An Eclectic Playlist for A Short Afternoon Trip

Something I Saw or thought I SAw - Part of an afternoon playlist - Bill Morrissey

Eclectic Playlist is the Highlight of An Afternoon Car Trip

This afternoon I made a trip to Walmart and the Cinnaminson Library. I needed to charge my iPhone 7 so I couldn’t pug it into the radio and charge it at the same time, so I brought along my iPod. I always say that I really do need to listen to the older music that I love more. But That would require that I listen to less new stuff which may not be a good thing as I try to present new music here. Anyway today the trip resulted in a short six song 24 minute playlist. The playlist reveals the eclectic nature of my music library.

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Fifty Songs Ever Songwriter Should Know

So in the current issue of American Songwriter, which is their Country Music issue Peter Cooper has put together a list of 50 songs every songwriter should know. They are not necessarily the top fifty Country schools but songs that they are 50 songs that every songwriter should know. Here’s the first 25 songs:

1 “Lost Highway” – written by Leon Payne – recorded by Hank Williams

2. “The Gambler” – Don Schlitz – Kenny Rogers (writer, artist)

3. “Silver Wings” – Merle Haggard

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