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Brian Auger a Hammond B3 Original!

Brian Auger – Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express – Hammond B3 – Born 18 July 1939

Several years ago, I discovered Jon Lord’s music through the Jon Lord Blues Project and I thought he was great! Then sadly I learned that he had passed away the previous July.  Rather than cancel the band’s scheduled tour dates Brian Auger was going to appear with the band. At that time, I decided to go and find some Brian Auger music. What I found was a career that has its roots in the 60s and is still going strong! I’ve always heard the name but never really knew the artist, though now having read some about him and seeing all the bands he’s played with I’m sure I’ve heard his Hammond B3 more than once or twice!

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Exploring the Music of Joe Zawinul on His Birthday – July 7th

Joe Zawinul

Joe Zawinul (July 7, 1932 – September 11, 2007) – Keyboards – Composer

Last week, when I wrote about the jazz fusion sub-genre, the name Joe Zawinul came up as a major force in the sub-genre. Today I have a reason to write about and listen to Joe’s music,  because on this date in 1932, Joe was born. Joe was born, raised, and classically trained on the piano in Austria. Around 1959 he knew that to grow in the jazz genre, he needed to come to the US, so he applied for a scholarship to Berklee School of Music through Down Beat Magazine. He won a $200 scholarship , came to America.And like they say the rest is history and that’s what his career was historic. You can read the full story here.

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