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A Morning Walk powered by Blues of Desperation

Yeah I got off My Butt and went for a walk, listening to Blues of Desperation from Joe Bonamassa

The calender that  I created yesterday says that I was scheduled to run between 5:30 and 6:30 tonight. But when I checked the weather forecast for today, I saw that it was probably going to be raining at that time. As a result, I decided to move the run to 10 o’clock this morning. I also made another change, I decided to walk instead of run. Since I have been having problems lately with my ears being clogged, I thought I would walk to Dollar General and get some ear wax removal medicine.I knew based on my running courses, that I could walk a course that would make the walk about a mile.

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Kori Linae Carothers’ Music and a four mile run ….

….Perfect Together

The Morning Run……

So if there ever was a morning that had a good excuse for not running, today was it! We babysat Oliver last night and didn’t get home until 1:30 this morning!! While I knew it would be hard to get up at 7 to run this morning, I thought well maybe 7:30 would work. When the alarm went off this morning I thought “Do I really want to do this?” The answer was less than a resounding yes!  But at least it was a yes! The more  I thought about it I thought well I will be running tomorrow – that will be ok!  No – I said today was to be your long day – it doesn’t matter how fast you go, you just have to make it happen – so just do it!! My pre-run routine was the same as Friday, except for the head smack because today was not a Kundalini/Weights day, so doing the Meditation Preparation Routine was fine!!

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