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Exploring the Music of Carlos Santana

 Carlos Santana – Guitar – Born July 20, 1947

There are many distinctive guitarist, but for me there is none that’s more distinctive than the artist who celebrates his 68th birthday today, Carlos Santana.Carlos was born on July 20,1947, at Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, Mexico.  I will have to admit that after Abraxas there were not many of Carlos’ album’s in my library until 2012’s release Shape Shifter..oh, there was The Santana Brothers, which by the way is a pretty good album But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t enjoyed his music through the years. I liked Supernatural and other albums that I heard on the radio!

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Brian Auger a Hammond B3 Original!

Brian Auger – Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express – Hammond B3 – Born 18 July 1939

Several years ago, I discovered Jon Lord’s music through the Jon Lord Blues Project and I thought he was great! Then sadly I learned that he had passed away the previous July.  Rather than cancel the band’s scheduled tour dates Brian Auger was going to appear with the band. At that time, I decided to go and find some Brian Auger music. What I found was a career that has its roots in the 60s and is still going strong! I’ve always heard the name but never really knew the artist, though now having read some about him and seeing all the bands he’s played with I’m sure I’ve heard his Hammond B3 more than once or twice!

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Boz Scaggs – Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist!

Boz Scaggs – Solo and Steve Miller Band – June 8, 1944

Today Boz Scaggs celebrates his 71st birthday and for more than 45 of those years his music has been part of my music library!! I first listened to  Boz, when he was a member of his prep-school and college friend, Steve Miller’s Band, on Steve’s second album Sailor!  Boz contributed several songs and some lead vocals on that album.Back in March of this year, Boz released a new album A Fool to Care. Last week the album was number 20 on the Roots Music Report’s Blues Chart I haven’t had a chance to listen to the full album yet, since only the title track had been released on Spotify. Actually, I just checked and the whole album was released on June 2nd!! So I will try to listen to the album on the way home tonight.

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John Fogerty – Creedence Clearwater Revival

John FogertyCreedence Clearwater Revival and Solo – Born May 28, 1945.

2015 Update: Back in 2013 I wrote a quick post about John Fogerty on his birthday May 28th at that time Fogerty had just released the album John Fogerty Wrote a Song for Everyone. So in honor of John’s birthday, I listened to that album again today!! The majority of the album is covers of Creedence Clearwater Revival songs that topped the charts in the 60s! The great part of the album is the variety of artists that joined John on the album. The musicians include: Foo Fighters, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band, My Morning Jacket, Kid Rock, Bob Seger,Jennifer Hudson and others! John Fogerty truly did write a song for everyone!!

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Steve Winwood – (May 12 1948)

steve winwood Steve Winwood : Spencer Davis, Traffic Blind Faith, Solo.

Instruments: keyboards, bass guitar, drums, guitar, mandolin, violin, and other strings.

On this date May 12th in 1948 Steve Winwood was born (wait-Steve Winwood is only 3 years older than me!) When he was performing “I’m a Man” with Spencer Davis in the early 60s he was only three years older than me? And when he was making hits with Traffic and then Blind Faith he was only three years my senior damn! He was just a little more mature than that naïve kid from NJ must be that English water! Anyway Winwood’s work with both Traffic and Blind Faith is in my music library -not his more popular solo work -big surprise! Here’s the background info from Wikipedia:

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Dave Mason – Donovan – from the Archives

May 10th Birthdays – Donovan and Dave Mason (1946), 


Mother Maybelle Carter (1909)
Fred Astaire (1899)
Bono (1960)

So in this date in 1946 two artists who were part of my early years listening to music were born, Dave Mason and Donovan. Here’s what I wrote about these musicians two years ago….

Ok so there are two birthdays that stand out to me this morning. The first one is Donovan and the second one Dave Mason, both were born on this date in 1946. Initially, I was going to write about Donovan and for some reason the song that popped into my head and is still spinning around in it is “Happiness Runs” . I guess that’s because I want this weekend to be happy as we travel to Williamsburg for my daughters graduation from The College of William and Mary! Anyway then I thought about Dave Mason and the song “On(1899(ly You Know and I Know” is now stuck in my head alternating with “Happiness Runs”!  I only hope I don’t think about Bono (1960) or Mother Maybelle Carter (1909) or it will be too crowded in my head to remember all that I have to do before we leave this afternoon!!

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David LaFLamme It’s a Beautiful Day and his Birthday!!

David LaFLammeIt’s a Beautiful Day – Born May 9, 1941

So I’ve spent the last 30 minutes or so thinking and trying to find videos in celebration of Richie Furay‘s birthday. Then I go to Wikipedia and see that Richie was born of May 9th, so I guess those thoughts will have to wait a few days! Today is, however, the birthday of David LaFlamme of It”s a Beautiful Day. Here’s some background for those of you who may have never heard of David from Wikipedia:

David LaFlamme (born May 4, 1941, in New Britain, Connecticut) is a virtuoso violinist in both classical and rock music.

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This Date in Music – November 22, 1941-Happy Birthday, Jesse Colin Young

Jesse Colin Young

Jesse Colin Young – November 22, 1941

Today we celebrate the birthday of the leader of The Youngbloods and solo artist Jesse Colin Young!  Who was born Perry Miller on November 22, 1941 in New York City. His mother was a violinist and his father an accountant.  From 1969 to 1972 Young recorded four albums with band mates: Jerry Corbitt (guitar), Lowell “Banana” Levinger (keyboard/guitar) ,and Joe Bauer(drums). Obviously, “Get Together ” was their biggest hit! One of my favorite songs of the Youngbloods comes from the album Rock Concert.It’s a Lovely Day”

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This Day in Music – February 25, 1943 – The Youngest Beatle George Harrison was born!!

George HarrisonOn this day in 1943 in Liverpool, the youngest member of the Beatles, George Harrison was born in Liverpool! I don’t think a can really tell anyone anything new about George, so I’ll just pass on some interesting things that i read this morning about this music who was part of probably the most influential band ever!!

One of the first items that I read got me to thinking about how much of rock music is a blending of all musical genres.From this paragraph we see that George early in his musical journey was influenced by a bluesman,a Gypsy music guitarist, a County music guitarist and a black rock and roll artist.and then later, by the music of India. From Wikipedia:

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Musical Roots – Mike Bloomfield (July 28, 1943 – February 15, 1981)

So yesterday February 15th back in 1981, the music world lost one of its greatest guitarist to heroin addiction, when Michael Bloomfield died. While Bloomfield started with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. I didn’t discover his music until The Electric Flag album “A Long Time Comin’ The album quickly became a favorite and Bloomfield’s guitar artistry was a big reason. I followed his career through his work with Al Kooper and the Super Session Album and then The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper. I didn’t discover his later solo work until the late 90s early 2000s. Here’s some background info from Wikipedia:

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