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A Playlist for a Thursday Morning Commute

Some Jazz, Blues and Prog Make for a Fine Commute Playlist

This morning I put the iPod on playlists recently played and for my commute to and from work at Target the soundtrack was a mix of new music added to my music library. Some the tracks are from the albums that I bought at the Princeton Record Exchange a couple of weeks ago and some are just new albums. So here’s the twelve track playlist…

  1. “Little Niles” – In the Vanguard – Bobby Hutcherson
  2. “No Good Place for the Lonely” – Blues of Desperation – Joe Bonamassa
  3. “Scorpio” – Shock Value – Live at Smoke- Jeremy Pelt .
  4. “Cause” – Shock Value – Live at Smoke- Jeremy Pelt .
  5. “This Train” –  Blues of Desperation – Joe Bonamassa”
  6. “Just In Time” (Take 11)  – Expoobedient – Lee Morgan
  7. “Quik” – Have You Heard – Javon Jackson
  8. “Somewhere in Dreams” – Project X  Dark Moor
  9. “Suspicion” – Shock Value – Live at Smoke- Jeremy Pelt .
  10. “Hightime” – Dark Blue – Jim Rotondi
  11. “The Valley Runs Low” –  Blues of Desperation – Joe Bonamassa”
  12. “Nevermore”  Project X – Dark Moor

The following is a breakdown of the albums on the playlist and the number of tracks from each album. Let’s see the list is composed of tracks from five jazz albums, one blues album and a prog rock album…….

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Life’s Soundtracks – King King and Dave Gunning

King King’s Blues and Dave Gunning’s Folk Provide the Soundtracks for  my  Commute to Paulsboro

It seems that lately a good portion of the music I listened to is heard on my commutes to Paulsboro to babysit Oliver. Now as best as I can remember Wednesday soundtracks were a blues album Reaching for the Light from the Scottish blues band King King and the afternoon on the afternoon trip a folk album from Canadian folksinger Dave Gunning. The album was Lift  his 11th album.

I first listen to King King in 2014 when they released the album Standing in the Shadows. It was a great album and at the 2014 British Blues Awards the band won five awards including the awards for ‘Best Album’ and ‘Best Band”

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British Blues 2014 – Standing in the Shadows from King King

British Blues 2014 Album of the Year winner – Standing in the Shadows from King King congrats!

The British Blues Music Awards were held last Sunday night. I will review the total list at some point today and write about the winners.But for now here is a post I wrote after listening to the album Standing in the Shadows from King King, which won the award for Blues Album of the Year. I have also reviewed the two runners up Aynsley Lister’s Home and Shake the Walls from Marcus Bonfanti!!

Awards for King King

So it’s always pretty neat when I listen to an album, like I did with Standing in the Shadows from the blues band King King, are blown away.  Then go to their website and read that they were the winners of the Best Band & Best Album at the British Blues 2012 Awards!! They are also Winners of ‘Best Band’ & ‘Best Album’ – Blues Matters Writers Poll in 2011!! Hailing from Glasgow King King is fronted by guitarist Alan Nimmo, formerly of the award-winning Nimmo Brothers. As I listened to the album, I heard tracks that went from all out blues ballads to funky blues… from the band’s Facebook page..

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Thursday June 26 – This Day in Music – Bill Broonzy was born – Celebrate with Dave and Phil Alvin’s New Album!

Last Thursday June 26 was either the 121st or the 110th anniversary of the birth of Big Bill Broonzy, depending on whatBig-Bill-Broonzy you believe. Most researchers believe that Big Bill was born Lee Conley Bradley in 1903 or 1904, in Plum Bayou , Jefferson County Arkansas and is one of the  children of Frank and Mittie Bradley. But Big Bill told people that he was born in Scott, Mississippi. He also told people he had a twin sister, Laney. I spent all day yesterday looking at census records and other records at to substantiate either claim. According to the 1910 Census  Lee Bradley is listed a 6 years old as the son of Frank and Mittie Bradley. Bill’s sister Lanie is also listed and is 3 years younger than Bill! Here are Lee’s siblings as listed in the 1900 Census.

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