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Jeff Strahan – Monkey Around!

Monkey AroundSo on Sunday as I was doing some errands before the Eagles game I listened to a couple of new blues albums the first was Jeff Strahan‘s latest Monkey Around and Five Finger Discount from Soulstack. I enjoyed both  albums! Let’s start with Jeff Strahan first. From his website……

“Strahan is a fiery Texas spirit, a killer guitar player & piano pounder and singer, as wild as the high plains from which he hails, and as cool as the hill country where he lives. He’s as real & strong as lightning, I swear, and I love being around him, to hear how he’s going to knock me out next.”

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Life’s Soundtrack – Anders Osborne helps keep my Pace Up and the Effort Down with Peace!!

Anders OsborneWell I proved tonight that Tuesday’s run was not just a result of having four days off!! I went into tonight’s run not expecting or really wanting to run as hard as I did on Tuesday! I had convinced myself that all I wanted to do was have a nice easy run. As I set out with those that thought in mind head and the music of Anders Osborne in my ears, I found myself holding a steady pace that was just under 10 minutes/mile and at times going down to 9:30 /mile. So I said ok let’s just let it roll and see where it ends up. Well it ended up again averaging under a 10 min/mile and only 2 seconds per mile slower than Tuesday run with an average pace of 9:53 per mile. So while I’m still not exactly where I want to be, I am running a lot faster and easier than I was back in August!! PeaceThe music of Anders Osborne that was in my ears and the soundtrack of the run was his new release Peace. The album sits at number 4 on the Roots Music Report Roots Rock Chart, rising from number 25 last week. The first Anders Osborne album that became a part of my library was his 2010 release American Patchwork which I thought was terrific. That was followed into my collection by 2012’s Black-Eyed Galaxy, which was almost as good. Now comes Peace and I think this one’s as good as American Patchwork. While I liked it on my run, I enjoyed it even more listening to it a second time earlier tonight! So I can’t wait until I get to listen a few more times. After listening to and thinking about the personal struggles that form the foundation of his songwriting, I understand why…..

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Blues Wednesday – J Edwards – Lulu’s House

Ok so I hate the computer that I get to use most of the time! It’s an old slooow emachine and I spend half the night waiting for things to load! Anyway tonight I was looking over the Roots Music Report Blues Chart and I came across a name at number 36 that I didn’t recognize J Edwards and his album Lulu’s House. I listened to the second track “You Said You Loved Me” and it sounded pretty good! Then we lost the Internet connection and I’ve spent the rest of the night waiting for Rhapsody to reload! Anyway, as I write this I’m listening to the rest of the album. Up now is “Supper’s Waiting” and it sounds pretty good and funky,  just had an organ solo and now here is a sax solo. Here comes J’s vocal again. The vocals are gruffy, bluesy and soulful!

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