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Love the Way You Roll – The Alexis P. Suter Band

The Alexis P. Suter Band – You’ll Love the Way She ROLLS!!

Some voices are made for the blues among them is Alexis P. Suter, leader of the aptly titled Alexis P Suter Band!  Alexis who calls Brooklyn NY home, has IT when it comes to the blues. That  it is on display in full force in the band’s sixth release Love the Way You Roll The Blues Music Association agrees, in 2012 she was a nominee for the Soul Blues Female  Artist of the Year. I don’t think that the nomination will be her last and it won’t be too long before she wins the award!!

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Son Seals – Live – Spontaneous Combustion

Son Seals – Blues  Born   Frank Seals in Osceola, Arkansas. (August 14, 1942 – December 20, 2004)
Exploring the Music of Son Seals on his Birthday….

On this date in 1942 blues guitarist and singer Frank “Son” Seals in Osceola, Arkansas. I must say that I have never been a big fan of Son Seals I have one Seals album on cassette Live and Burnin‘ and have enjoyed it whenever I play it. A birthday is always a good tine to learn more about a musician and listen to their music.

 What I learn about Son Seals today…..

His father Jim “Son” Seals owned a small juke joint  in Osceola, where Son began his professional music career as a drummer with Robert Nighhawk at the ripe old age of 13! Later he switched to guitar and by 16 he was performing at the local upper echelon club T-99 beside “Little Walter” (Seals’ brother-in-law). At the T-99,  he also shared the stage with the likes of  Albert King, Rufus Thomas, Bobby Bland, Junior Parker, and Rosco Gordon. From Wikipedia:

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The Safari Rediscovers British Blues Music Award Nominee Aynsley Lister’s Home!

Coming up on August 24th is the British Blues Music Award Ceremony….one of the nominees for blues Album of the Year is Home from Aynsley Lister.

Here’s my post from earlier this year about the album……   So in 1984 across the pond in Leicester, England an eight year old Aynsley Lister was given his first guitar. By the time 1989 rolled around the 13 year-old played his first gig and had a band. When he turned 18 he opened for Buddy Guy and had self-released two albums of his own material. He also caught the eye of Thomas Ruf and he was signed to Ruf Records a union that would produce seven albums and two DVDs over the next ten years! Now the rising young guitar slinger was playing along side of Walter Trout, John Mayall and Robert Cray, not bad eh? His music appealed not just to blues fans but he also started to gain rock music fans that allowed him to play festivals with bands like Fun Lovin’ Criminals. So while firmly rooted in the blues, his branches reached the rock crowd. This led to his being the only British artist to be named in  in Classic Rock magazine’s “Top 10 Contemporary Blues Artists”, alongside John Mayer, Derek Trucks and Joe Bonamassa!! In 2008 he left Ruf and moved to Manhaton Records and released two more highly acclaimed albums Equilibrium and the Tower Sessions. The later album was  voted ‘Best Live Album’ in the 2011 Blues Matters Writers Poll!!  Now with all that said I want to know why did it take so long for me to find this guy? And yesterday when I did it took a recommendation from Spotify to point him out!! I know all the people he’s played along with, well except, for the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, but yet he has remained hidden from me! Anyway, Home is a great album. His guitar playing blends so nicely with his fine vocals. His guitar work is what I call “tasty” just a the right level, enough that you can see he’s great, but it’s not there just to be there, but there to complement the music! So check him out – As for me I have about twelve albums of his back catalog to check out because i think this is the start of a great audial friendship!! any recommendations as to where to start? Here’s Aynsley performing the title track from the album Home

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Into the Morning with Ruf Record’s – Thorbjorn Risager “Precious Time”

Thorbjorn RisagerOne of the albums that has been on the iPhone for the last day or so is the new album from Thorbjorn Risager Too Many Roads. I have only given it a couple of listens, but so far I like what I hear. I hope to listen in a little more detail tomorrow and maybe even get to write a little more about Thorbjorn and the album, but for this early morning let’s just get a little taste of his music! Here’s a performance of the song “Precious Time”, Gotta love the band, sax, trumpet, organ ….and more….

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2014 Blues from Walter Trout – The Blues Came Callin’ – with Ex-Boss John Mayall!!

The Blues Came  Callin'On Tuesday of this week the new album, The Blues Came Callin’ from Walter Trout was released, and it has been in my rotation since then, like all of Walter’s work it is amazing! The most amazing thing is that he recorded the album, while he was waiting for a liver transplant! He was doing exactly what the opening track of the album says he was “Wasting Away”, during the later part of his illness, Walter lost over 100 pounds! When I  went  to his website, and looked at his picture, my first response was that is not Walter!! But it obviously was! He received his new liver a week or so ago and according to updates there have been some very rough post-operative complications, that Walter seems to be riding out. I have not checked back today, I will tomorrow and write more about his condition tomorrow!

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Life’s Soundtrack – A Good run made Special by John Mayall’s latest – A Special Life

Art Work by John Mayall

Art Work by John Mayall

This week has been a topsy-turvy week, Monday it was in the 80s and then was  cloudy all day yesterday (Tuesday) it looked like it was going to rain and the temperatures were in the 60s!  Today (Thursday) it was supposed to be back into the 80s. so last night (Wednesday) I decide that I better run then or face another hot day running! So of course today turned out a lot like yesterday, but I’m still glad that I ran last night!!  I decided to run on of my oldest routes, a slightly up and down run going up and down the highest point in Riverside on Pancoast Avenue. On my last run I ran with on of the younger blues musicians, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, who by the way is celebrating his birthday today. Happy Birthday Kenny Wayne, so last night I decided to run with someone older than me, by almost two decades!! That would be “the godfather of the British Blues” John Mayall, who turned 80 last November, and his latest release A Special Life. Anyway the run was a good one, while I didn’t set any land speed records I did feel fairly strong throughout the run, well except when I was going up the steepest parts of Pancoast!! The only good thing is that I do get to go down hill for a good part of the last mile!! The splits weren’t too bad. First mile 10:20 – Second 10:28, Third 11:04 – the uphill battle, 4 – 10:42  Total Time – 42:34 and when compared to Monday’s 44:54 it even looks better!!

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No Pain, No Gain…..Gaining doesn’t make a run fun – Kenny Wayne Shepherd does though!!

If there's pain, there's gain then I gained a lot from today's run!! It has rained on a of all day today and when I set off on my run, I think the relative humidity was like 150% and the air was completely still and it certainly seemed that it had no desire to get into my lungs! Needless to say it was one of those runs when you just try to trick yourself, well if I only make 3 miles I'll be happy, oh 3 down I can make one more mile, 3.5 only one half mile to go, a snap!! Before you know it you're done, both the four miles and you!! First mile 10:22, acceptable, second mile 10:35 still ok, third mile 11:32 ouch! Fourth mile 12:25 and no I didn't walk any of it! Average pace 11:14 which is I guess ok! You know what they say "At least you did it!" and I'll live to run another day!! ....Now the soundtrack for the run that's a different story........

Jarekus Singleton – Refuse to Lose….. watch out Blues World here he comes!!

Over the last few weeks, I have been watching the steady rise of Refuse to Lose the new album from Jarekus Singleton up the Roots Music Report's Blues chart, last week and again this week the album is Number 1! Since the Jarekus Singleton Band has only been around since 2009, when Jarekus formed the band, I really don't feel too badly that I haven't found them until now! The downside to that is that i could have been listening to a great band for the last five years!! The blues community has known Jarekus for a while now. According to his website Jarekus and the band have......

Life’s Soundtrack – Another Good Run this time with Lisa Mann’s New Album – Move On (video)

So back on September 4th of last year I ran the same course that I ran tonight. Back then I was coming off a couple of months of inactivity (June and July too hot!) and starting to get back into shape. On that night I there was improvement, as I ran the third and fourth miles faster than I had run them. Now tonight while I’ve run a few times in April – January, February and March were too snowy and cold for me to run much – my old body likes the fair weather! Anyway tonight is like the fourth run in April and my first four-miler and while I thought I struggled my overall time was faster than it was back in September and both my third and fourth miles were faster!! So how come?? I think that the answer may lie in the amount of yoga that I have done over the winter this year!! Overall, my weight is lower than it was and I feel better!!

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Norway’s Christina Skjolberg – Come and Get It

Christina SkjolbergSo right now Christina Skjolberg may be one of Norway’s best kept secrets, but after this years Blues Caravan  Tour rolls across Europe and around the world she may not be. Skjolberg is a dynamite blues woman who Ruf Records has signed and released her début album Come and Get It!

The left-handed young female guitar wiz was born and raised on  the island of Smøla outside Kristiansund on the northwest coat of Norway.She has been playing guitar since she was twelve and was inspired by fellow lefty Jimi Hendrix. Night after night Christina would wow them at clubs across Norway, where she caught the eye of Thomas Ruf Records who saw her talent signed her and paved the way to her début release and a spot on his Blues Caravan 2014. Accompanying he on the Caravan are fellow blues artists Albert Castiglia and Laurence Jones, and her band composed of Brynjulf Blix on Hammond B3 organ. Blix has been playing Blues, Jazz and Rock across Norway with various bands for the last 40 years!, and Tore Slåttsveen who plays rhythm guitar and provides background vocals. Like Blix, Tore has played across Norway with various bands like Little Andrew & the Blue Masters, Triple T and The Mojo Workers.

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