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Danish Space Rock from Causa Sui

Causa Sui – Return to Sky – Psychedelic/Space Rock-Denmark

So this morning I was looking for some music to start my day. I went to Spotify and then to Browse and My Discover selections. The second album among the ‘Top Recommendations for You’ was the album Return to Sky from  the band  Causa Sui. Having no idea about the band or the genre of music that they played, I gave them a try. What I heard was a pretty interesting instrumental band.!!

About Causa Sui

While I was listening I did a Google search for the band the first result led me to Wikipedia at Wikipedia I discovered that the band calls Denmark home and  at El Paraiso Records, I read the following:

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A Walk/Jog to Restart Running – Music by Aisles

A Walk/Jog to Restart Running and Slow My Raging Biologic Clock…..

So for the last six to eight months,particularly the last three months, I feel that my biological clock has been moving ahead a full speed. While I have been keeping up with my daily yoga and meditation, even including a couple of days a week with light weights. I have done little else right. I have run maybe five to six times this year and now that I haven’t been for my walks with Oliver, I have packed on several unwanted pounds!!

My diet hasn’t been too bad, but there have been a few too many late night cake snacks! So this week I need to start doing a little better!! First on the list of things to do is to start running again. I did just that this morning. Well, maybe not “just” that there was some walking mixed in, but at least I was out there doing it!!

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Life’s Soundtrack – Norway’s Prog Rockers Kerrs Pink’s latest – Mystic Spirit – Powers Another Good Run!

There’s good news and bad news from last night’s run. The good news is the headlamp that I bought the other day works great. It makes the road visible to me and me visible to drivers! The bad news is that now I have no excuse for not running when it gets dark at five o’clock!! Last night’s run was pretty good. The first mile was 9:30 and the rest were around 9:50 minutes plus! Kerrs PinkThe soundtrack for the run was a new to me Prog Rock band from Norway Kerrs Pink. I listened to their latest release Mystic Storm. Now since I didn’t know much about the band (what’s new!} my first stop was Wikipedia. I was doing two things at the same time I just typed Kerrs Pink in the search box clicked when Kerr’s Pink appeared and this is what I found out!

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Morning Music – New Prog Rock from the Steve Paine’s – Legend – Spirit

Spirit2   So this morning I found and listened to the album Spirit by the Prog Rock band Legend, and on first listen I came away very, very impressed by the band. that, Steve Paine created way back in 1988. The band’s first album, Light in Extension was released in 1990. That album was followed in 1993 with the release of Second Sight and their third and maybe best known album Triple Aspect was released in 1996. Then the band disappeared from 1998 until 2008 when…

LEGEND’s return began in 2008 as Steve Paine and John Macklin made plans to see if anybody still remembered LEGEND and if there was still enough of a Prog Rock scene to warrant reforming the band. To this end Steve Paine re-mixed and re-mastered songs from the bands first three albums, Light in Extension, Second Sight and Triple Aspect, the result was a CD Anthology Ritual Echo released in 2009. Although only a limited run on CD the album proved to be popular and all was set fair for LEGEND’s return proper with a new album. So Steve Paine dusted off his plans for Cardinal Points which were originally conceived in the mid 90s and began a re-write and the search was on for the previous band members. In the meantime Steve Paine also resurrected the original masters from the band’s Playing with Fire concert video from 1992. Originally in the hopes of releasing the original footage on DVD but the project proved too costly. So instead in 2010 Playing with Fire was released for the first time on CD.. Read More

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Kotebel – Ouroboros – and a little ramble by me!

OuroborosAfter a folkie morning listening to Left Arm Tan and Matt Harlan, I switched it up this afternoon and put on a little and turned to the symphonic progressive rock of Kotebel. last week I listened to and enjoyed  their 2012 release Concerto For Piano And Electric Ensemble. Today I listened to the band’s 2009 release Ouroboros Of the two I like Ouroboros just a little better.

One thing I’ve learned over the last two years of writing this blog is that I am not good at describing the intricacies of the music, what I can tell you is whether I like it! Now I guess that really doesn’t tell you much since you don’t know me and for all you know my taste might suck! (which is often what my wife and daughter think of my taste) But that’s the reason I always try to include some positive press from others, so the reader can see that most of the time someone else likes the music, too. Or maybe I’ll provide a link to a review that can really tell you about the music. The things that I can tell you about is who the band is, where their from, etc. What I try to be is on one hand a guy who has listened and collected music for about fifty years and I’d like to tell you about some of the musicians that I love, that you may never have heard about. On the other hand, I don’t want my ears and head to be stuck in the sixties and seventies, so I am constantly on the look out for new music that I enjoy! My tastes cover a range of music, folk, blues, bluegrass, jazz, New Age, and recently Prog Rock. What I am not is an expert in any of the genres, especially prog rock. I’m an average guy who may listen to music a little more than the average person and wants to share that music with the reader! Ok so now I’ve used most of this post just blabbing on, but I think it’s been helpful to me and hopefully to the readers! But back to Kotebel!

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Life’s Soundtrack – ARZ’s Turn of the Tide makes the miles go by!

Turn of the TideWow, two runs in three days! A first for 2013! Tonight I decided that the run would be 4 miles, but I didn’t want it to a run that I usually do, because then I start comparing my times now, with past runs and start thinking, I am old and slow! Anyway, I laid out a 4 mile course slightly different then normal – hey how much can I change it up in a one square mile town!! While it wasn’t the easiest four mile run ever, it really wasn’t, too bad considering how little I’ve run this winter. The pace was just slightly over 10 minutes per mile, which I’ll take at this point in time!

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Edward Meets More ProgRock – Italy’s Elvenking – ERA

So now that I’ve listened to many prog-rock, metal albums on MOG, several albums usually appear on the list of albums “just for me”. So there right next to folk and blues albums are these prog rock albums. Well yesterday, I listened to one of the albums ERA by Elvenking and I really liked it! I’ve written before that it amazes me that prog-rock/metal music is such a world-wide music phenomena and Elvenking reflects that geographical diversity. The band hails from  Sacile, which is located in the northeast corner of Italy. From their biography at Allmusic:

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