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Hi  I’m Ed Karn. Welcome,  let me tell you a little about myself and this blog. First, I am 63 years young, I have been happily married for 39 years to Kathleen, together we have raised four wonderful children – Nicholas (35), Andrew (32), Peter (28) and Elizabeth (23). Andrew and Peter are married and have with their wives Meaghan and Melissa respectively given us two grandchildren this year. First Andrew and Meaghan added Oliver Edward to our family on  Pi Day (3/14) this year and Peter and Melissa added Zoe Isabella on September 17th one day before my  wife’s birthday! All four have college degrees Nick an Associate degree, Andrew and Peter BAs and Elizabeth a Master’s degree. We couldn’t be prouder of our whole family!! Now a little about me and this blog!

I am an explorer…. I love to explore and learn new things. When I was young, I would often just get out a volume of the encyclopedia, flip through it and read article after article, It didn’t matter if it was history, science, a biography or just some new trivia, I loved it! Now a days, I love to do the same thing with Wikipedia. I could spend the whole day just randomly following link after link.  I can do the same thing at Spotify or any news or political site for that matter.

A few years ago, I started blogging at Me, Myself,Music and Mysteries. It was to be a blog about the music I’ve listened to over the years and the books that I read and have read.  I soon left the idea of the music that I’ve listened to,  and I began searching out new music, why…. because I am an explorer!! Remember! I began with the music that I have listened to the most, that being  folk, blues and generally Americana music , including  Texas music!  After a while I started branching out and started to include jazz a genre that I dabbled in listening to a few select artists like Jimmy Smith, Gary Burton, Wes Montgomery…I soon found that there was a ton of jazz music that I really liked both old and new!! Coupled with jazz was another genre of mostly instrumental music that I love New Age though the years New Age artists like Jesse Cook, R. Carlos Nakai, Acoustic Alchemy and others have found their way into my music library.

Finally in the last year I added Progressive Rock into my musical life, not that it hadn’t already been there I was a fan of many of the originators of the genre, groups like Jethro Tull, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Soft Machine and the Moody Blues! I stopped listening to that type of music after the 70s, but my son Andrew has become a big fan of the genre and has attended many Prog festivals. He would often come back from those festivals and say Dad “You should go to these concerts. because there are a lot of people who look like you!!” Finally I took the plunge and started listening to the genre and found I did like it!! The best thing about the genre is that it’s world-wide and I love exploring the world through the music of progressive rock musicians!

So now I my site had morphed and all of a sudden I had more genres than I had envisioned when I started the blog, so I started FreeWheelin’ Music Safari, basically to handle the newer music that I was listening to Prog Rock and Jazz. I blogged for a while with everything at FreeWheelin’ then I started to create individual sub-domains kinda free-standing sites for both genres. Then I thought why not do a sub-domain for  each genre which is what I have now with sub-domains for jazz, prog rock, roots (Folk, Americana), New Age and Blues!

Now that’s the music part of my life, but what about the books, history, politics and everyday living stuff. The Me and Mysteries part of my original site. When I looked at all those aspects of my life it took me  back to my original college degrees which are political science and education. The major for my education degree was Social Science and my teaching certificate is for K-12 Social Science education. Both history and politics are included in the social sciences and if consider that social culture is an aspect of the social sciences books certainly fit in there too!! So I created Socialstudious as an outlet for that part of my life!! I will shortly be adding sub-domains to that blog that will include other aspects of my life, like my drive to turn back my biologic clock!!

So I hope you’ll join me here or at which ever of the sub-domains or other sites interest you!! See to me life is about exploring, we start our lives learning, how to walk, talk, eat and everything else that the world throws at us…and to me it would be over if we didn’t keep exploring and learning. So I will stay on my FreeWheelin’ Safari just as long as I can and I hope you’ll join me!!!



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