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An Eclectic Playlist for A Short Afternoon Trip

Something I Saw or thought I SAw - Part of an afternoon playlist - Bill Morrissey

Eclectic Playlist is the Highlight of An Afternoon Car Trip

This afternoon I made a trip to Walmart and the Cinnaminson Library. I needed to charge my iPhone 7 so I couldn’t pug it into the radio and charge it at the same time, so I brought along my iPod. I always say that I really do need to listen to the older music that I love more. But That would require that I listen to less new stuff which may not be a good thing as I try to present new music here. Anyway today the trip resulted in a short six song 24 minute playlist. The playlist reveals the eclectic nature of my music library.

Let’s see there are two folk tracks ones from Bill Morrissey and the other from Carrie Newcomer, two jazz tracks from Ben Paterson and Will Caviness, a classic rock track from Jefferson Airplane and an Irish Rock track from Flogging Molly!

The Playlist


“From the Back of a Broken Dream “- Float – Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly was one of the bands that my wife and I used to go see on a regular basis. She has wanted to go to see them the last few times they have been in Philly though and I don’t even know if see has listened to all of their new album Life is Good. Anyway their shows are always great and “Drunken Lullabies” is a staple of their show!

(on the playlist below Drunken Lullabies replaces the above unavailable song)

“Fix the Hair to Fix Your Hair the Way you used to” – Something I Saw or Thought I Saw – Bill Morrissey

Bill Morrisey was one of my favorite follksingers. I can’t believe that he has been gone for six years this month. Since he was also a writer his songs were often little short stories that just happen to be set to music.

“Emily” – – Blues for Oscar – Ben Patersom

I discovered Ben Paterson’s piano artistry when I started blogging and exploring newer jazz musicians in depth. I really love his piano playing.

“Star Track” -Jefferson Airplane – Crown of Creation

Crown of Creation was the first Jefferson Airplane album that I ever bought. They went on to become one of my favorite bands. This album always has been one of my favorites. The two main reasons I loved the Airplane – Grace’s voice and Jorma’s guitar!

“Angels Unware” –  Regulars and Refugees – Carrie Newcomer

Carrie Newcomer is another of my favorites. The mystical quality of her music and her storytelling make her music special!

“J’s Way” –  A Walk Will Caviness

I must admit that I have not listened to this album as much as I should have, Caviness’s trumpet playing on this track is great. I really do need to go and listen to this album again,….and again!!