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Crank Up Should’ve Seen It Coming by Blues Harpist Steve Krase for a Good Time!

Should've Seen it Coming - Steve Krase

Steve Krase – Should’ve Seen It Coming


I first encountered the blues harp and rockin’ music of Houston’s blues harpist Steve Krase a few years ago.At that time, he had just release his second album Buckle Up. The title of my post was  “Steve Krase Buckle Up – for a rockin’ blues ride!!’  I wrote that title because it perfectly fit Buckle Up. The great thing for fans of Steve Krase is that the title fits his current release Should’ve Seen It Coming just right too! Here’s some press about the new album!

“Long recognized as one of the top blues harmonica players in the Houston area, Steve Krase shoots for big league prominence on his latest release Should’ve Seen It Coming – eleven tracks (plus two bonus tracks) of party blues meant to be played loud for maximum effect. A lot of albums featuring the blues harp get redundant fast with the same droning sound but Krase eases back and plays a minimal amount of notes with maximum results. His harp playing is bright and melodic and without show boating. ”
– Best of Western New York

“Steve Krase was a semi-finalist at the 2017 International Blues Challenge a few months ago, and intended for Should’ve Seen It Coming to be a set you can crank up in your car on your next road trip.  So, do indulge him and turn this one up—-LOUD!”
– Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society

I have made two of the most important statements in each of the above quotes. The reason is that they are absolutely correct! Yes, crank this album up! Should’ve Seen It Coming  has been in my music rotation for a couple of  weeks now. Just yesterday, I cranked it up on my way home from a very frustrating day at Target! Bam! It didn’t take but a few minutes for my mood to change!

A Few Thoughts about Should’ve Seen It Coming


So what makes this album is special? First and foremost Krase is a fantastic harpist!  But then there are the songs! Many of them are just flat-out fun.!. See  of “Let the Four Winds Blow”, “Shot of Rhythm and Blues” and :Troubles, Troubles”don’t get your feet a tappin’  And if “The World’s Still a Tangle” and “Repo Man”. don’t bring a smile to your face!

Along with Steve’s great harp, there’s also some great guitar and even some tasty sax (see the title track) on the album. And Steve never shies away from giving the other musicians in the band some time to shine!!

Bottom Line 

Should’ve Seen It Coming is a great album! Pure five-star blues. So crank it up today and be sure to play it load!! Here are a couple of my favorite tracks to get you moving……



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