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Pick Your Poison – Selwyn Birchwood – The Spring’s Best Blues Album?

Pick Your Poison - Selwyn Birchwood

Pick Your Poison Reaches No. 1 on the Roots Music Reporter’s Blues Chart

The more I listen to the Pick Your Poison the latest release from blues rocker Selwyn Birchwood, the more I like it. The album has also been steadily moving up the Roots Music Blues Chart . This week it finally made it to number one! Congrats Selwyn!

I first became aware of Selwyn Birchwood in 2013 when his been won the International Blues Challenge beating 130 bands from around the world! Selwyn also won the Albert King Guitarist of the Year award, presented at the same event

Selwyn BirchwoodSelwyn Birchwood hails from Tampa, Florida. In addition to playing a mean electric blues guitar. The singer composer also plays electric lap steel guitar. The Tampa Tribune said Birchwood plays with

power and precision reminiscent of blues guitar hero Buddy Guy. He is a gritty vocalist [who is] commanding with his axe.”

While Rolling Stone said

Birchwood is a young, powerhouse guitarist and soulful vocalist. Don’t Call No Ambulance is a remarkable debut by a major player.”

And The Washington Post said,

Selwyn Birchwood is an indelibly modern and original next-generation bluesman; his tough vocals, guitar and lap steel touch on classic Chicago blues, Southern soul and boogie.”

Selwyn’s band mates who comprise The Selwyn Birchwood Band include saxophonist Regi Oliver,  bassist Huff Wright. And Courtney  ” Big Love” Girlie.  And combined with Selwyn’s powerhouse guitar they are a powerful force.

Bottom Line

Pick Your Poison from Selwyn Birchwood is certainly a 4-star album for me.(I  really, really like it)  Great guitar, great songs, gritty blues vocals and a great band make it so!

This is the point in a post where I usually say I loved all the songs on the album so I will, I loved the while album. With that said I will at this point tell you my favorites. My favorite tracks include, the opening track “Trial by Fire”and “Guilty Pleasures”. Additionally, “Pick Your Poison” and “Heavy Heart” are among my favorites. Hell, they ARE ALL great!

So Check It Out!! Here are some links to check out MORE about Selwyn Birchwood…..

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Here’s the track “Heavy Heart” from Pick Your Poison from Selwyn Birchwood