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Sometimes a Looking Back Playlist, Makes Moving Forward More Fun!

Isle of View - Jimmie Spheeris

A Playlist Evolves From a Glimpse of Jimmie SpheerisIsle of View Album

As we evolve over time, sometimes we need to look back at old favorites, remembering what we liked in the past. Old favorites can always help us move forward in positive directions towards things we know we’ll like.

Tracks from Isle of View start a looking back playlist

With that in mind I caught a glimpse this morning of Jimmie Spheeris’ debut recording Isle of View amongst some old vinyl albums that are lying against one of my bookshelves. So I was soon off to Spotify to give the album a listen for the first time in a long time. i’m listening to track four “The Seeda of Spring” now. It has always been a favorite. Next up is “l am the Mercury” probably the best known track from the album and another favorite.

While I was listening I checked out the various artists that Spotify includes among artists related to Jimmie. Of course most of those artists are among my favorites.

Ok it’s time to make a playlist. I have started the playlist with the three  songs from Isle of View.

“Willard” and Others from John  Stewart are Added

Now it;s time to check out John Stewart, one of the artists included as an artist related to Jimmie Spheeris. I will admit that I was not a big John Stewart fan but I do love the album Willard released in 1970, One of the reasons that I first bought the album was that many of my favorite session musicians, guys like Norb Putnam, Kenny Buttrey, and Charlie McCoy played on the album.  I have included in this playlist three of my favorites from the album: “Willard”, ” Julie, Judy Angel Rain” and “Oldest Living Son” You can check out the album’s five-star review from AllMusic here

Gene Clark, a founding member of The Byrds, was another artist lists as being related to Jimmie. Clark wrote several of The Byrds hit songs. He left the group because of his free of flying, But after leaving the group he released several albums. My favorite was White Light. I was going to add a few songs from that album, but I never got around to giving it a listen.

Aztec Two-Step Completes The Playlist and Make Me Smile


I did though listen to one more old favorite and that was the folk duo Aztec Two-Step. I listened to several tracks from their debut album appropriately titled Aztec Two-Step. Aztec Two-Step is one of those bands that I lost track of through the years. For years I thought that this was the only album that they recorded. Little did I know that their career was still going strong through all those years!! Anyway, the three songs that I have included are: “Killing Me’ , “Baking” and “The Persecution and  Restoration of Dean Moriarty”.  The last two have always been two of my all-time go to songs to ameliorate a bad mood!!

So here is the playlist….. I know I like it. How about you?