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A Nuevo Flamenco Guitarist Running Playlist

Gravity - Jesse Cook

A Running Playlist Containing Some of My Favorite Nuevo Flamenco Guitarists


Last week I decided to create a playlist for one of my runs using music from four of my favorite acoustic guitarists. Two are solo Nuevo Flamenco guitarists and two are duos. The  solo artists are Jesse Cook and Ottmar Liebert and the duos are Rodrigo y Gabriela and Terra Guitarra.

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The albums that I used for the playlist are two favorite albums Gravity from Jesse Cook which is one of my favorite acoustic guitar albums of  all time and from Rodrigo y Gabriella I chose their album Live in Japan. The songs I picked from Gravity are: “Mario Takes a Walk”, “Closer to Madness” and “Azul”. “Mario Takes a Walk” and “Closer to Madness” are my two favorite songs from Jesse Cook. I don’t think that many songs create a feeling of a dark Arabian night as well as this song!  From Live in Japan I picked “Ixtapa”, “Diablo Rojo” and “Tamacun”

Two of the final four songs of the ten song playlist came from Ottmar Liebert’s 2016 release Slow and two came from Terra Guitarra’s album Firelight. I am not really familiar with either of these two albums. But I am certainly familiar with both of the artists. Several of Ottmar Liebert’s albums are in my music library and Terra Guitarra’s latest album Of Sea & Stars has been the soundtrack for my morning workouts for the last month!!

The Playlist in Action

Anyway the I used the playlist as the soundtrack for my run last Tuesday April 4th and it was a good strong run. The run was over my 4.1 mile course called Creek Out and Back. I ran the first mile of that run in 10:22 and my overall pace for the run was 10:50 min/mile. It was one of my fastest runs this year!!

Now the one thing that I would change, about the playlist if I could, would be to replace the two songs from Terra Guitarra’s album Firelight with songs from their album Of Sea & Stars. The two songs I would add are “Wave Walker” and “Alegria” both of those songs really get me moving!! Unfortunately that album is not on Spotify. Hmm, maybe I need to check Amazon Music!!

Here’s the playlist – So Check it Out!!