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A Slightly Different Morning Workout…..

Of Sea & Stars - Terra Guitarra225

….With Some Great Music from Terra Guitarra and Joseph L. Young

The Morning Workout

So every non-Target working I try to do a workout that includes a tuning in warm up (Long Ek Ong Kar) followed by a 7:30 minute Kundalini and regular exercise set that includes

Lower spine flex
side bends
shoulder shrugs
head rolls
alternating knee to chest
alternating leg raises
double leg lifts with a 5 lb exercise ball
arm lifts – on back legs at 90 to floor and extend up arms with the 5 lb ball (lifting head also)
pick me up (butt raises)
expand and contract legs with legs on 45 degree angle

Each exercise is done to a recitation of the Mool Mantra (about 25 seconds)

That is followed by 7 minutes of light weights – a series of exercise with  2 – 15 lb weights, 2 5 lb weights and a 20 lb Kettle bell. The last 6 minute exercise set uses a resistance band, followed by a slightly aerobic set using a boxing type band and then another x-type resistance ban. The set ends with a 15 minute meditation. Total time is 40 or so minutes.So I typically have been starting my Fitbit tracker at the start of the routine and turn it off at the end. I end up with about 12 minutes of productive exercise and the rest well like resting (i.e the warm-up and the meditation.

This morning I started my routine with some rhythmic movement to get me moving and followed it with my regular routine. I stopped the Fitbit before the meditation. So I ended up with a 26 minute workout with 18 productive minutes. 17 minutes in the fat burn zone and 1 in the cardio zone. It was a good workout! I still did my 15-minute meditation but I just didn’t track it as exercise!

The Soundtracks: Terra Guitarra and Joseph L. Young

There was another twist to my exercise this morning. Typically, I use one album as the soundtrack for the entire workout. However, this morning I used two albums. Of Sea & Stars from Terra Guitarra was the album for the exercise portion of the routine, The soundtrack for my meditation was Etherium from flutist Joseph L Young. Both did their job splendidly! Of Sea & Stars kept my pace up during the exercising. While Etherium  relaxed me during my meditation!

While I have listened to both of these albums several times, I think I need to explore more about both the players and the albums a little more before I write about them.

Terra Guitarra is an acoustic guitar duo composed of lead guitarist and composer Bruce Heckel and Julie Patchouli. Patchouli plays mainly rhythm guitar as a foundational base to Heckel’s blazing solo’s. On Of Sea& Stars she also plays drums and bass. Ok so  have listened to this album several times and have heard their music previously. However, I have never seen then perform live or on YouTube The following video is the first time I have seen them and my first reaction to seeing Heckel’s playing was Wow!! I have another favorite!!!

So check them out! I on the other hand are going to go exploring and listening to find out more about this fantastic duo!! I’ll let you know what I find out!!

If you’d care to Explore you can start at here at Terra Guitarra’s website!