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Peter Kater – Resonance

Peter Kater’s Resonance, Yoga and Meditation a Perfect Trifecta


Over the last several weeks, the soundtrack for my morning meditation has been Resonance from New Age pianist Peter Kater. Resonance is Peter ‘s latest release. I think that it is one of his best albums. Several years ago, I discovered the Native American flute of R Carlos Nakai. Soon after that discovery I found the music of Peter Kater through his many collaborations with R Carlos. Many of the albums that they recorded together can be found in my music library. Through his work with R Carlos Nakai Kater developed a love and appreciation for the earth and indigenous cultures. This inspired him to invite more indigenous artist to work with him on various projects. The artists he invited include: Joanne Shenandoah, Bill Miller, Rita Coolidge, Robert Mirabel, Joseph Firecrow, Marty Youngblood, Douglas Blue Feather, Kevin Locke, Jorge Alfano and Ara Tokatlian..

in addition to Peter’s collaborations with R Carlos Nakai and his work with other indigenous artists, I have enjoyed many of his other collaborative albums Artists who have recorded with Kater include: flutist Nawang Khechog,, Sacred Chantress Snatam Kaur, flutist Michael Brandt DeMaria and cellist extraordinaire Tina Guo.

Over the course of his prolific 30-year career that began in 1983 with the release of his first album Spirit,Peter Kater has recorded over 60 albums. In addition he has scored the music for well over 100 television and film productions, as well as, a dozen dramatic plays. He is the proud recipient of the Environmental Leadership Award from the United Nations. He also has accrued 11 Grammy Nominations!

About Resonance

As I mentioned earlier Resonance has been the soundtrack for several of my morning yoga routines and meditations. Its soothing, contemplative, and introspective music is perfect to use for those activities. Several of the tracks are over nine minutes long. The musical core of the album is of course Peter’s piano playing. On many tracks that playing is quietly accompanied by synthesizers,gongs, chimes and gentle strings.

Peter says the following about the music on Resonance….

“This music emerged within a three-month period of deep inquiry and reflection.” ” It is born of the fire and ashes of self-dissolution, of a deep longing for connection and sustained intimacy and a powerful surrender into and acceptance of what “is”. There is love and there is fear. There is light and there is darkness. And as we learn to embrace all of our selves and all of each other, we nurture the experience of grace and compassion, and a deep loving and passionate peace. Throughout our life’s experience, within ourselves ands each other, we share a deep “resonance” with all that exists”

Bottom Line:

I have never met a Peter Kater album I didn’t like, but I do think that Resonance is one of his best  The music certainly is soothing, relaxing, healing, melodic, illuminating and conscious-expanding. Everything you’d want in a meditation soundtrack! So Check It Out!

Links for the Further Exploration of the Music of Peter Kater

Artist’s Website

Here’s is the title track from Resonance sit back, close your eyes and drift away…….