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Something New for My Morning Yoga with Music by Deuter

Deuter’s Immortelle Provides the Soundtrack for this Morning’s Yoga

This morning I decided to change-up my morning yoga routine. Typically, my routine starts with whatever yoga series that I am doing,  followed by a 10 to 15 minute meditation.

Many times during my meditation, I slowly move my body in slow figure eights. The movements seem to relax various sides of my body and improve the meditation. So last night I did a search on Google for movement during meditation and found several articles on movement meditation. At I read the following about movement meditation…

What is movement meditation? Simply, it is any type of meditation in which we are moving. “Movement meditation” (or “moving meditation”) includes a wide range of techniques. Any movement can be performed as a meditation, if we apply mindfulness and a slow pace. Read More

So this morning I started my morning yoga with 10 minutes of movement meditation. Deuter’s latest release Immortelle has been the soundtrack for my morning yoga several times over the last week or so. This morning I used the album again and it worked beautifully. I spent the initial ten minutes with slow body movement, including moving my arms and body in figures 8s. This new wrinkle may well be add to my morning yoga ritual on non-work days.

The yoga routine that followed was one that I copied from Yoga Journal. “New Beginnings” the name of the track and it is becoming a favorite.

The Soundtrack: Immortelle

The soundtrack for today’s morning yoga was Immortelle the latest release from one of the founding fathers of New Age music Deuter (pronounced Doy-tur) The album was inspired by nature and dedicated to healing. Each tune on the album was named by Deuter after a medicinal plant that has helped humanity for millennia. Deuter says this about the album:

“Nature has always been an inspiration for me. Its influence can be heard on the CDs when I have included the sounds of bird songs, crickets, mountain streams and ocean waves. The title of the CD as well as the individual tracks are all names of plants and flowers which have , with their healing powers, helped humans for thousands of years. The plants also made life a little pleasnt their aroma”

He also writes this about the Immortelle ….

“Immortelle” is a word that few may know. It was unknown to me until i first went to Corsica where I became acquainted with this wonderful medicinal plant., the aroma of its oil and its strong invigorating effect. I enjoyed helping my friends distill an essential oil from it that provides protection, healing, healing and renewal of the skin. The fragrance still brings back memories of mountains, warm rocks and views of the sea in Corsica.”

About the album Immortelle

On Immortelle Deuter plays a variety of instruments including flutes, keyboards, cello, piano and guitar. He even mixes in his own voice as an extra instrument to add humanness and touch the hearts of listeners. Some of the other sounds that he creates on the album are: violin, strings, harpsichord, chimes, harp and hand drums.

The following plants are some the tracks are named for:

“Monarda” – named after a mint plant also known as “bee Balm”, horse mint, or “Osewego Tea” The leaves give spicy fragrant essentrial oil used  to treat stomach ailments, fever, and as an antispetic for mouth infections.

“Sonnenbraut” also known as “Sneezeweed”, and “Ruby Tuesday” has some herbal uses in small doses.

“Traubensilberkerze” is a flowering herb (also known as “black snakeroot” or “bugbane” long used for menause symptoms.

others include “”Lily of the Vally”, “Vervain” “Binsuga”, and the “Cumara”

Bottom Line:

As a soundtrack for yoga and meditation Immortelle has been a great..The tracks on this album are named for plants that have healing powers, as does, the music that Deuter’s has created!  Deuter says that Immortelle is an….

….expression of gratitude to the nature of our planet with the understanding that the smallest flower may have healing powers”

I for one, feel that his music has expressed that gratitude perfectly!

Rating: an excellent addition to any New Age music collection…..
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Here is the title track from Immortelle